Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Work - Wow!

The Bag Lady is just dashing through, pausing long enough to tell you that her new job seems like it will be great! The co-workers that she has met so far all seem really nice (and really fit! Perhaps it'll rub off on the Bag Lady, eh?)

She is looking forward to her first actual shift today (yesterday was orientation, and filling out forms, etc.) But before she goes to work this afternoon, she has a gallon of huckleberries to deal with. A kind young lunatic neighbour spent hours and hours out in the wilderness, picking them; making up songs about the pies and jam that the Bag Lady had promised to make him if he picked the berries! He was so excited at the prospect that he picked and picked until his hands were stained purple, putting nary a berry in his mouth, telling himself they were for pie!

The Bag Lady is loathe to disappoint him, so off to the kitchen she goes to make her mother's famous pastry (cross your fingers for her that she doesn't screw up!) She will try to post pictures later.

Have a good day!


Marianne said...

Lord I hate to make pie crust!

the Bag Lady said...

I love pie crust. My mom made the best pie crust in the world. Wish I had her talent. (I have her recipe, but it's all in the wrist, or something.... )

Gena said...

I love me some pie! I've never made my own pie crust, though, can you believe it? It's one of those things that has always scared me, like putting in a zipper on a sewing project.

Glad you like your coworkers! That makes life soooo much easier.

the Bag Lady said...

Gena - pie crust is easy, once you get the hang of it! Just make sure all your ingredients are cold. It helps to have cold hands, too! LOL

Leah J. Utas said...

Have fun with the pie. I made apple pie yesterday. My mom made damned fine crust, too, and I do not have the touch for it. I try, though, and they are edible.
I read some post somewhere by someone who grates the lard for the crust so I tried that. Wasn't cold enough, but it was fun. Haven't tried the pie yet so the experiment isn't over.
Glad to learn you get on with your co-workers.

the Bag Lady said...

dfLeah - I've never tried grating the lard! But I always use real lard, not vegetable shortening. I figure if you're going to have pie, it might as well be GOOD pie, and there's nothing like lard to make good pie crust.
And yes, your mom made darned good pie crust, too!

JavaChick said...

I don't think I've ever had huckleberries.

I actually don't do too badly with making pie crust, thought I don't do it often.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... pie! Homemade pie, with fresh-picked berries and homemade crust!
My dh taught me how to make pie crust. Sadly, the pantry is currently out of supplies (including flour and shortening... I don't mind lard, but I haven't purchased it in AGES). (I'm going to the store tomorrow.)

Glad to hear that your job is going well!

Vee said...

I've never had a huckleberry, and I'm not very good at pie crusts. Maybe someday. Vee at

The Fifth Sparrow said...

I use the recipe off the Tenderflake box. I think the vinegar is the trick. My mom used to knead the dickens out of it and it was never tough.

M-m-m-m-m, pie!

Glad work went well. Don't think about those of us, you've left sitting home. In the dark. With no pie. *sniff*

Amy said...

just how young is this neighbor? pls, send non-jailbait my way. :)

the pie sounds yum! good luck at your new job!!

Reb said...

You do just fine with the crust, the only trick mom ever told us was cold ingredients. Maybe you cut in the wrong direction - lefty! lol

Glad work looks like it will be fun.

the Bag Lady said...

Javachick - they are really good - similar to blueberries, but better.

kcinnova - In my opinion, there is nothing better than homemade pie with wild berries! YUM

Vee - it takes practice to make good pastry. The easiest, actually, is the Robin Hood Pastry mix - tastes almost like homemade.

Sparrow - I think you're right - the Tenderflake recipe is the best!
And I'm sorry to leave you in the dark, with no pie! You'll just have to come visit.

Glam - hahahahaha. He's 35, but he's married. Sorry. (If he and his wife ever split, I'll send him your way!)

Reb - thanks! Mom's was great - mine is just okay. Must be the left-handedness.... sigh.

Geosomin said...

ooh ooh. Do you have a recipe for huckleberry pie I could mooch? A friend of mine has a bunch of huckleberries and doesn't know what to do with them....and honestly I have no idea either!

I'm glad the new job seems like a good fit. Hope day 2 today goes smoothly for you today. :)

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks, Geo - I hope today goes smoothly, too! :)
Just treat huckleberries the same way as blueberries, but cut down on the sugar a tiny bit.

Charlotte said...

I'm so glad the job is going so well!!! Yay! And I have to say, I am in awe of people that can make a good pastry crust. My dad is a master at it and has long tried to teach me but to no avail. Huckleberries are my favorite - i wish they grew here!

the Bag Lady said...

Charlotte - huckleberries are delicious, aren't they?

Practice makes perfect with pie crust, you know! :)

Conny said...

I LOVE making pie crust from scratch - its good therapy. Huckleberries sound delicious.

So, everyone (of us) pile into the car, we're going to the Bag Lady's for PIE. Yumm.

(You will still post the photos for us though, please??)

Levi said...

Take pictures of those fitness people at work!

solarity said...

It's not the left-handed-ness, Bag Lady, I promise. My pie crust is every bit as good as my mother's was. (Her secret was half lard, half butter.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I can't wait to see how the pies came out. I bet they're delish!

Cheryl Kohan said...

It's great that you like your new job. I love blueberry pie so I'd probably like huckleberry pie. My pie crust is decent even tho I don't use lard.

Miz said...

(zero pie crust tips here :))
so glad you like the job so far.

my MIL departs today.

you know.

because I KNOW youve been wondering :)

the Bag Lady said...

Conny - yes, I'll try to get the pictures up today -- if I'm not home when you get here, just let yourselves in - y'all know where the key is! :)

POD - I'll have to be sneaky about it, eh?

Mary Anne in Kentucky - actually, mine turned out just as good as mom's this time, too! Woo hoo!

BG - they turned out pretty darned good, if I do say so myself! :)

CherylK - If you are a blueberry fan, you would LOVE huckleberry pie - it's similar, but better!

Miz - you must be .... sad to see her go.... right?