Monday, October 22, 2012

Still Preserving!

 The Bag Lady is still busy with summer's bounty! She went to town on the weekend to a "pie-making" party. Friends of hers have a single apple tree in their backyard. It produced 4 bags of apples. Two of those bags made 48 (yes, forty eight!) pies! The Bag Lady brought the remaining two bags of apples home and is in the process of making even more jelly and applesauce (Applesauce Cake... yum!)

Nothing from these apples is going to waste. The Bag Lady gave the peels and cores to a few visitors who were camping out in their trailer in her yard....

The visitors only stopped overnight on their way to (*cough* the abattoir *cough*) their final destination.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Photo Finish Friday - Blue Jay

During the preparations for Thanksgiving dinner, someone noticed this blue jay flying around in the Bag Lady's sun porch. The Bag Lady had inadvertently left the door propped open and the poor bird was trying to fly out through the windows. He stunned himself to the point where the Bag Lady was able to pick him up and hold him until he regained his senses. (His beak remained open like that for quite awhile - think of getting punched in the solar plexus - probably the same thing.)
Isn't he pretty?