Friday, May 25, 2012

Photo Finish Friday. Mulish

The Bag Lady is feeling the crunch a bit. A couple years ago, she volunteered to be the curator of the new museum built in her little community. She regretted it as soon as she sobered up had a pretty easy first year (because the museum had no artifacts), but items started trickling in, then the trickle grew to a full-bore flood and the Bag Lady fell behind in her accessioning. She finally found an assistant, and they have been working their butts off, accessioning items, setting up displays, organizing dioramas, restoring and cleaning (cleaning, cleaning), painting and repairing donated display cabinets..... and they have (perhaps foolishly) set a date for opening to the public. In a month. Actually, a month from yesterday. gulp.

So she is probably going to be even more absent from blogging than she has been (which sounds almost impossible, because she's been pretty scarce around here!) but she will try to pop in once in awhile to see if anyone is hanging around.

She will leave you with a photo to remember her by, though....

This is one of her neighbours with his mule team. Aren't they adorable?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Photo Finish Friday, Bonus Edition

 The Bag Lady has been so busy, she hasn't had time to update you on all the calves being born, so here are a few of the newest.

This white cow had a red/white faced calf

This red/white faced cow had a white calf!
This little girl arrived early the next morning

And the following day, this guy arrived

This guy is only a few minutes old

And if you look in the dictionary under cute, you'll find this picture!
Just in case the Bag Lady missed some, here's a group photo!
The girls definitely outnumber the boys this year, although there are still about 6 cows that haven't calved, so the numbers may even out a little yet.

Oh, and here is the bonus picture (might have to click to enlarge it.... unless that no longer works with the new Blogger interface!)

 This hawk spent so long on the ground in the same position that the Bag Lady finally went to see whether it was injured. S/he was fine; simply guarding the afterbirth buffet. S/he allowed the Bag Lady to get fairly close before reluctantly flying off to a nearby tree. The Bag Lady trudged back to the house and when she looked out the window awhile later, the hawk was back on the ground!
Photo Finish Friday can totally be blamed on Leah at the Goat's Lunch Pail!