Monday, April 23, 2012

More Calf Pictures

Yesterday morning, the Bag Lady watched as one of the cows calved. (Not unusual, considering it's calving season on the ranch!) The cow had been wandering the ranch, looking for a suitable spot, with another cow dutifully following along behind. She finally settled on the perfect place and got down to business.  The Bag Lady strolled down a little later and took a picture:

Late in the afternoon, she glanced out the window and saw the cow still in the same spot, still licking her calf..... then thought to herself, "wait! That's a newborn calf....."
The cow that had been following the first cow had decided that the spot chosen was absolutely perfect, so had her calf in the same place! The confusion arose because, at a glance, the cows are identical. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that, although the cows are very similar in appearance, the calves are quite different. They may be the same colour, but the one born in the morning is a female and the later one is male.

And one more tiny difference.... the calf born in the morning has two white feet and a teensy tiny white mark on her face!

The Bag Lady is having difficulty deciding what the mark looks like.... what do you think it resembles?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Photo Finish Friday - Random Ranch Photos

Here are a couple more calves that have made their debuts recently.....

"Lift butt, then bring front feet under .... at least, that's how it worked last time!"

"Another photo? Sheesh, I'm napping!"

"Why are you ignoring me?" (calf from last year)

The sun rises out of the tractor?

( Leah at the Goat's Lunch Pail is totally to blame for Photo Finish Friday!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And We're Off.....

Calving season has started (early) at the ranch. According to calculations, the first calf should have arrived April 12th.

The Bag Lady has some cows who need to brush up on their math skills....

Both these calves were born on Good Friday.

Shortly after the calf pictured above entered the world, the cow in the following picture decided she wasn't to be outdone.

They are both female calves, and almost identical in looks. Temperamentally opposite, though! The older calf never stops running around, exploring and bouncing. The second calf is calmer and more placid, although she has been seen cavorting and gamboling with her buddy.
'Tis the cute season around here.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday Girl

The Princess will be seven years old this month! How time does fly. (the Bag Lady knows she has a "baby" picture somewhere in her computer, but can't find it right now.... sigh.)