Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Autumn Applause

The Bag Lady is starting to realize just how difficult it is to work and try to keep up with house- and yard-work and try to blog consistently. She is sorry that she has been neglecting some of her blog commenting, but she is discovering that there are only so many hours in the day, and she has to devote a few of them to sleeping!
She has also had a house guest for a few days, which means preparing meals for and visiting with and cleaning up after another person!
She had a day off from work yesterday, and spent most of it finishing up some sewing she had started, and doing a little gardening. Her beans didn't realize they were supposed to stop producing, and she picked another ice cream pail full of beans today. She isn't quite sure when she will find time to do anything with them - her family is clamouring for more dilled beans. Well, okay, maybe not clamouring, but they really liked them, and she would like to make more. If she ever finds time.

(gratuitous autumn photograph, inserted in order to ease the transition to new subject!)

In the meantime, POD, of the ever-entertaining, thought-provoking blog, Thufferin Thuccotash, has an interesting post up today. She wrote a list of all the good things about autumn, and asked the Bag Lady to contribute her two cents worth. Of course, the Bag Lady jumped at the opportunity to share her list of the things she really likes about autumn, but POD then refused to give her two cents because she didn't think "nothing!" qualified as good! So the Bag Lady went back to the drawing board and came up with a list of the least offensive things about autumn. So (click here) to slip on over and have a look at the great list that POD came up with, and the Bag Lady's pathetic attempt at a list!


Anonymous said...

Your list made me laugh.
Hang in there, BL, your garden will soon cease production.

Miz said...

you and POD are a marriage made in internet heaven.


what in the heck are dilled beans?
actually dont answer that---Im not a fan of the DILLED :) pickle and I assume it's like that?

Leah J. Utas said...

Good luck balancing work and home and guests.
You and POD did a great job.

the Bag Lady said...

kcinnova - glad I could make you laugh! And I was actually quite pleasantly surprised that the beans were still producing, since the dilled beans were such a hit!

Miz - yes, dilled beans are pickles, and I'm sorry you don't like them, because they are really, really good!

dfLeah - thanks! It was fun. If I had given it more than 10 minutes thought, I probably could have come up with a few more that were strictly "Canadian".... but Autumn isn't over yet, is it?

JavaChick said...

My Mom used to can string beans in brine (though not with dill) and I was just thinking not long ago that I'd like to have some of those again. Unfortunately she doesn't do as much canning these days.

Hilary said...

Too funny, Baggie and POD.. nicely done. I love that photo.. just beautiful!

Geosomin said...

That was a funny post :)

I ahve to admit, fall is my favourite season, I love the weather and the brithday and thanksgiving and halloween...except for the whole raking part. THAT I could do without. :)

I'm drooling over the dilled Mum used to make them. So. Yummy...

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Don't worry about how often you blog or comment. Life keeps us all busy!

Levi said...

What a magnificent post. I don't think I have ever read such inspiration in all my years. Thank you so much. You are a genius and my comedic heroine.

Conny said...

Your post and POD's posts on Autumn are funny, true, and making me feel all sentimental about my favorite time of year.

I live in Northern Calif. and everything POD said in her "pessimistic" autumnal post is accurate, that's just the way it is here. It's not much of a Fall, but still marks the changing of seasons (if only for a few weeks) with the cooler air and the smell of woodsmoke. I can't wait but will have to.

Thanks for another great post. :>)

the Bag Lady said...

JavaChick - maybe it's time for you to learn how to do some canning! (and I'm sure your mom's canned beans are good, but the dill is really good, too!)

Hilary - glad you enjoyed it! And the photo is from last year - the leaves have just started to turn this year.

Geo - I'm not really a fan of autumn, because it's a harbinger of winter, which I really don't like. You need to try canning, too! :)

BG - Before I started working, I occasionally had trouble finding time to write a blog post, but now.... sigh.

POD - you are too funny! :)

Conny - thanks! I'm starting to think that perhaps I need to move to northern Calif. - might make me appreciate the autumn season more!

JavaChick said...

If I ever manage to grow enough beans, I will try canning some...Then I'll be after you for your dilled beans recipe!

the Bag Lady said...

It's a deal! :)

The Fifth Sparrow said...

Hold on here, did anyone else sense BagLady is trying to distract us from the huckleberry pie?

I, for one, cannot be put off that easi...hey look, cows!

Sagan said...

CRAP now I have a massive craving for split pea soup.

Loved the list! Autumn is my favourite season (mosquito-free, flooding-free, and freezingassoff-free, unlike the other three seasons... hehe). It's so pretty too!

But yeah. The idea of winter around the corner isn't very enticing, either ;)

the Bag Lady said...

Sparrow - pie? What pie? (wiping pastry crumbs off lap....)

Sagan - thanks! I have to admit, my favourite seasons are spring and summer. Perhaps if I lived in a more temperate zone, it would be different.