Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Morning on the Ranch

This is the sunrise yesterday morning when the Bag Lady was out checking cows. The geese took off and flew right in front of her, but, naturally, she didn't have her camera ready. By the time she got it powered up, this was the best she could do.

Betcha thought you weren't going to see any calves today, didn't you? Well, we didn't have any new births yesterday, but the Bag Lady simply had to share this little gem with you.

In honour of the Cowboy's cousin (who suggested naming the calves after bloggers), the Bag Lady presents:

LEWIS! (starring in his own little video)

And here we have CRABBY:
(so named not because the calf is all that crabby, but his mother certainly was!)

This is FRED, named after Javachick's cat:
(and because the Bag Lady has a sneaking suspicion that it might be Javachick's birthday today, but then again, maybe not...)

The Bag Lady will share more of the calves who have been named after bloggers with you in upcoming posts!


Reb said...

Lewis is very brave! How long did it take to get the calf snot off the camera? ;)

Reb said...

Beautiful sunrise BTW.

Anonymous said...

does crabby mcs come visit her namesake?

that first photo is SO CALMING to me....even via screen.

Leah J. Utas said...

Lovely sunrise pic.
Lewis certainly is inquisitive.

Anonymous said...

Cute little guys! What made Lewis run off?


Scrumpy said...

Lewis is adorable and so is his name!

the Bag Lady said...

Lewis IS a brave little guy, isn't he!?

Reb - he didn't actually touch the camera - it was my hand holding the camera that needed to be wiped!

Miz - Crabby doesn't know about her namesake yet.
Yes, it's very peaceful here first thing in the morning.

dfLeah - thanks. I just wish I'd been a little faster, the birds were so close to me!

Missicat - Lewis ran off because he touched a HUMAN!

SB - He is adorable, isn't he!?

Anonymous said...

So even little calfs believe in cooties? :-)


Emily said...

The sunrise is beautiful! It makes me regret missing it most mornings. Oh wait, no it doesn't, I like my sleep better. (Plus the sunset is much prettier right?!?)

I like all your cows, they are cute in a big, diry animal way! I promise I'll take pictures of the cows who moved into the pasture next to our house last Sunday. They are solid black and have a couple of babies as well! Maybe you can tell me what kind they are.

the Bag Lady said...

Missicat - yup, there must be something to that cootie thing!

Emily - if they are solid black, they are most likely Black Angus. That is the most common black cow. There are other breeds that produce all black cows, though - Salers can occasionally be all black, but are usually red. I'd love to see pictures of them, though!

JavaChick said...

Well, I have to say - my Fred is an absolutely beautiful cat, which is a lot to live up to...But that calf manages to do it. Such a cutie.

Thanks Bag Lady. :)

Hilary said...

Beautiful photo, Baggie.. just gorgeous colours and mood.

And I'm in love with Lewis.. he needs a kiss on that curious little nose of his. Too adorable! I'll never eat veal again! Thank goodness you don't have lambs...

the Bag Lady said...

Happy Birthday, Javachick!

Hilary - Lewis is almost kissable, isn't he?

Geosomin said...

Lewis is adorable.
The sunrise is wonderful. I missed mine this morning...think I'll have to getup tomorrow for one even if I don't run (I can't believe I'm even considering that...)

the Bag Lady said...

Geosomin - the Bag Lady doesn't miss very many sunrises. She is definitely a morning person. And has to go out early to check cows.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous sunrise. I wish I could have a little calf living in my condo.

the Bag Lady said...

Sagan - the problem with little calves is that they grow into big cows -- might take up more space in your condo than anticipated!

Anonymous said...

Thanks cuz...it is an honour to have Lewis named after me...
will visit him/her this summer when I come up.


Anonymous said...

Next time someone tells me "Don't have a cow" I can say, "Too late: I already have one!"

Well, I don't really "have" one, but I am totally honored to have one named after me.

Thanks bag lady!

the Bag Lady said...

You're welcome, cuz! Thanks for the idea!

There you go, Crabby - a quick answer to that statement. Holy Cow, crabby has a cow!

Terrie Farley Moran said...

df Baglady,

I love the magnificent sun rise. and the calves get cuter each day.

Of course you can participate in Two Sentence Tuesday. Everyone can play. I'll see you over at women of mystery.


the Bag Lady said...

dfTerrie - thanks - I like the sunrise, too.
I'll zip back over to WoM