Wednesday, November 5, 2008

White Stuff

The Bag Lady's Blather is definitely not a political forum, but she did watch the American election results last night with some interest.

She was impressed with a couple of things. First, the number of voters who turned out to cheer for their chosen candidate. This was definitely an historic event and the American public realized it.

Secondly, she was impressed by John McCain's gracious concession speech.

And the American President-elect gave a wonderfully stirring speech. Barach Obama certainly seems to be the right choice to lead his country into what will hopefully be a more peaceful and more prosperous time for all of us, not just for America.


The Bag Lady is trying not to look outside this morning at the white stuff covering everything in her (still dark) yard! Dang it all, she was quite happy with the way things were - chilly, but not cold, and still a little green. Oh well, it was inevitable, but perhaps this first blast won't last!

What's the weather like where you are?


Sarah said...

Oh no! You got snow?! We were super cold and had flurries last week - and now we've got a predicted record high of 16 today!

the Bag Lady said...

Sarah - I saw that on the weather channel last night - what the heck?! We got a little snow - enough to cover everything and probably make the roads miserably slippery.
I haven't turned the radio on yet to hear how bad things are out there!

Leah J. Utas said...

I didn't watch the election results but checked in online mostly from time to time to find my choice well ahead. Change is good.
Meanwhile, we have a trace of white outdoors. It's about time.

JavaChick said...

Noooooo! Not the white stuff! Way too early for that!

It's actually warm[ish] here today...10 degrees right now which is not bad for November.

Anonymous said...

No snow here, and I wasn't feeling well, so after I voted, I didn't watch the coverage (was passed out on the couch by 8:30, at which point BK woke me up to move me to bed).

But I did vote for Barack.

Missicat said...

It's a little dreary and drizzly here - But I JUST DON'T CARE! WOOHOO!

the Bag Lady said...

dfLeah - I would have been happy if the snow had held off a couple more days. It would have been nice to have our cows at home before it fell. Oh well.

Javachick - I'm hoping the snow is only a temporary taste and that it will warm up again at least once more before winter actually sets in.

Tricia - hope you're feeling better today!

Missicat - I thought you might be quite happy today!

Geosomin said...

It's cold and threatening to snow...I hope your snow isn't carrying on out here ...I'm not done my raking yet :)

I watched the speeches too. There seems to be such a change in attitude - an optimism and hope that I haven't seen in the average person for a long time. Both speeches were very was the sort of election and fundamental hope for change I wish we'd had a shot for up here.
Give you hope that things will be better...and that people want to make it better. I like that.

solarity said...

It's been in the 70s every day this week, and although I had my first frost last week, this week the lows have stayed well above freezing. When the chimney sweep came yesterday I had this pile of wood by the stove that I'd meant to use before he was scheduled. Not that I'm going to complain about warmth!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Penny said...

Snow! Pretty but so inconvenient.

It is grey and grim in Yorkshire.

So excited about the election! I didn't stay up to watch it but only because I have to be up for work. Fantastic result, and I'm very optimistic for the future. I hope he keeps his promises, he does seem like a very smart man.

TA x

Unknown said...

Rainy around here. I am so sad for your loss of snow-free days...

And the election was fantastic, I had the exact same impressions as you from it. We had another election party at our place. It was funny/nerdy.

Aleta said...

I'm envious! We're in the muggy 80's for the next two days and then our "cold front" on Friday will bring temps to the high 70's. That's Louisiana for you. We have "Summer" and "Summer Lite" for seasons!

Anonymous said...

Sunny and expecting 70 in Ann Arbor! But last week we set a record low of 20. The Michigan joke is if you don't like weather, just wait a minute and it will change.

We are happy happy. In my humble opinion, the electing of Obama finally fulfills our founding principle of equality.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I'm beyond relieved to see the lying, hypocritical thugs who hijacked the Republican Party get kicked to the curb. I was all set to come live with you if the outcome had gone the other way.

Now, a little of that snow sound like fun. Of course, it would all melt down here on the Gulf Coast, so I guess there would be no point in you sending it our way. I'll wait for some pictures instead.

Anonymous said...


please to come visit!

Reb said...

So far, it is still just cold and grey here today. Not looking forward to snow at all!

So glad about the outcome of the election. I didn't watch, but kept up on the 'net.

the Bag Lady said...

Whew. Just got back from taking feed and feeders to the cows. It has warmed up enough to make the snow slippery. Glad I don't have to go anywhere else!

Geo - you had better get that raking done - I watched the weather channel last night and I think this is heading your way!

Mary Anne - Kentucky sounds like it might be my kind of place. Temps in the 70's in November? Love it!

TA - I'll post some snow pictures tomorrow for you! And I am optimistic about the future, too, with new blood in the White House.

Sagan - it's refreshing to see young people taking an interest in politics! You crack me up with your election parties! Or are you just using the elections as an excuse to party.....? :)

Aleta - Louisiana sounds like a nice place to visit - in the winter when it's not really hot. I don't do well in muggy weather!

Marianne - we joke about the weather in Alberta in the same manner - always take a winter coat with you, even in the middle of summer!

BG - I'll post some pictures tomorrow for you - I'm pretty sure it would melt before it got to you, even if I Fed-Exed it! And darn, too bad the election went the way it did - I could use a ranch hand!

Miz - I'd love to come and visit you! When the temps up here drop to *freezing the balls off a brass monkey*, I just might appear on your doorstep. (How big is your back yard? - might have to bring the cows with me....)

Sis - If I remember the forecast properly, it seems to me you might escape this little bit of snow, this time around!

new*me said...

I love snow :) I want some!

the Bag Lady said...

Annette - I'm perfectly willing to share!

Dawn said...

I found the US election fascinating. Local television (New Zealand) showed live CNN coverage and both Senators made wonderful speeches.

Twitter was atwitter with the election last night and I had so much fun on it. Joined something (not quite sure what!), raced outside to feed the hens and when I got back there were almost 100 updates.

Crazy that an election half a world away could be so exciting.

the Bag Lady said...

Dawn - this particular election generated a great deal of interest and excitement world wide. At least in part, I think, because of the fact that what happens in the US has repercussions globally.

I certainly hope that the new administration can live up to the hype.

Gena said...

I think I can count on both my hands the number of times I've seen snow!

As for the election - I was glued to the TV and the internet! I've campaigned for Obama for the last month and was so happy to see us elect the change we need. NC was finally called (just a few minutes ago!) and I'm glad my efforts here made a difference. I'm also glad to see that so many of our neighbors are pleased with our choice of leader!

the Bag Lady said...

Gena - I was impressed with how many people got involved in this election, and I hope that this is a sign of positive changes to come!

Hilary said...

Snow? Yuck.. you may keep it. We've had some very warm days. High teens to twenty Celcius (mid to high sixties F). Out walking in t-shirts. That's my kind of November!

the Bag Lady said...

Hilary - That sounds wonderful! Enjoy it while you can!