Monday, August 4, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

It's a long weekend here in Canada.
The Bag Lady has been long weekend-ing. Birthday partying.
Today is a hay-hauling day.
And she is trying to get her house back in order.
She has another birthday party to attend today, too.

She may even have party pictures to post tomorrow (Blogger is not being co-operative today!)

Bag Lady will (hopefully) be back in operation tomorrow.


Penny said...

PARTY! Was it your birthday? Were there balloons? And a cake? And presents? And candles? And streamers? And a magician?

I LOVE birthdays.

Glad you had a fabulous weekend - pictures pictures pictures!

TA x

new*me said...

I love birthday parties...going to them but especially throwing them. I love to plan them :) I just wish I had a bigger house because it gets so tight. One day we will build on a "great" room just for parties and get togethers. Please share the party pics so we can party too :)

Leah J. Utas said...

Bring on the party pics.

the Bag Lady said...

TA - no, it wasn't my birthday (mine is in December, drat it all)
It was a celebration in honour of my mother-in-law's 80th birthday, which is actually in November. Her children wanted to have a party for her, and decided to do it when the weather was nice and warm.

New*me - I love to throw parties, too. Doesn't even matter what the occasion is..... oh, I saw a butterfly - let's have a party!!

dfLeah - I will try to present some photos tomorrow.

~Laura said...

Birthdays are so much fun! Especially when you are the one attending and not doing all the work. ummmmmm birthday cake or birthday cake ice cream!!! And I keep saying I am trying to lose more weight!

Reb said...

Sounds wonderful! Can't wait to see pics!

the Bag Lady said...

Hi, Laura - I love a birthday party, too, even when I have to do some of the work. This one was a joint effort, so we were all equally played out! :) Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

Reb - it was wonderful - the weather was great and there were lots of people there to help celebrate.

WeightingGame said...

wow - 80 years old. I wonder what her secrets are???

Hilary said...

Sounds busy and fun.. and looking forward to the pictures. I'll have to see what this woman who keeps interrupting phone calls looks like! ;)

Anonymous said...

oooh next time lie to us ;)
make up a tawdry tale of festivities and debauchery.

methinks we'd like that.