Monday, May 30, 2011

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Calving season is winding down around the ranch. There are a few more calves yet to be born, and the Bag Lady hopes the stragglers finish up soon.

This little heifer came along on the weekend...

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny evening and she was up and running around in no time.

The Bag Lady's garden is almost all planted, except for a few bedding plants she would like to add. She hopes to check out some greenhouses soon to find some plants that have already been started, and a few flowers to put in pots on her deck.

She and the Rancher planted 75 hills of potatoes, so with luck, they will at least have meat and potatoes to carry them through the winter!


Leah J. Utas said...

Excellent capture. The little guy is still slick. Nice one.
Good for you for getting the garden in. I know it's a lot of work.

solarity said...

So tiny! Mom looks a bit confuzzled.

Impressed is just not a big enough word for 75 hills of potatoes. I've never managed to plant even one. Although I keep thinking about it.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Reb said...

Great shot - mom hasn't even cleaned him up.

messymimi said...

Glad calving season has gone so well.

Good work on the potatoes!

Levi said...

There is nothing more tasty than a home-grown potato. Yes, I ate some a couple of times in my life and grew some too. (gruesome?) But I can't grow them in the forest (gump).

Anonymous said...

That's a fresh one! I can't blame him for waiting for warmer weather before being born. Perhaps you should call him "Spud" in honor of those 75 hills of potatoes! (Good grief, that's a lot of spuds!)

Anonymous said...

SHE! Well, you can still name a girl "Spud" can't you? ;)

JavaChick said...

Aw! Cute cow baby. Somehow it doesn't look like it could ever stand up on it's own - amazing that they do.

Still too wet for me to do anything with my little veggie garden. I did plant my potatoes in my potato tubs on the long weekend.

Dawn said...

Nothing more rewarding than eating a meal gathered from your garden.

Cheryl Kohan said...

Wow...75 hills of potatoes! We plant potatoes, too, but not nearly that many. Nothing like potatoes fresh from the earth...yum!

That's a pretty cute little heifer! Gonna name her?

the Bag Lady said...

Leah - thanks! I'm almost recovered now.
Mary Anne - Planting potatoes isn't all that difficult, but so rewarding!

Reb - the calf was about 5 minutes old, at the most.

Messymimi - Thanks!

Janell - I thought potatoes would grow anywhere.

kcinnova - LOL.

JavaChick - hope you are able to get your garden planted soon!

Dawn - so true! I love sitting down to a meal and knowing that everything on the plate was home-grown.

Cheryl - I don't know yet if the calf will end up with a name. Some of them do because of their personalities.