Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Flowers

Here's another case for scratch'n'sniff blogging. These are Evening-scented Stock, and they smell fabulous. Spicy. During the day, when the sun is on them, they look rather non-descript and slightly shrivelled, but in the evening, they come alive. The night-owl of the garden.

And these are more double petunias (for Mary Anne in Kentucky) - unfortunately, they are not at their prime, but will be again soon. The Bag Lady will try to remember to take another picture when they are looking good, but she had her camera in hand last night and wanted to show you the frilly bi-coloured prettiness.


carla said...

seriously. you do need scented blogging :)
my husbands company (the one for which he works--alas we own it not) does SCENTS for hotels (lobbys etc) and I think of that every time you post flower photos!

messymimi said...

I'm going to have to buy some flower scent essential oil to have on hand when I'm looking at such lovely flower photos.

Leah J. Utas said...

The look wonderful. I've never smelled them so I'll have to imagine.
Now, get busy--please-- with inventing scratch 'n' sniff blogging so we can all enjoy your flowers.

Hilary said...

I remember seeing a movie at the theatre once, where they handing out scratch and sniff cards with about 10 or 12 smells on it. At various points in the movie, they'd signal the audience to scratch and sniff a particular number to get the effect of the scene. Most were pleasant but strangely enough, I can only remember one.. of a fart!

Anyway, I think you should develop this to sell to bloggers.. a series of cards with a number of scents and we can scratch them each time you have a corresponding image to smell - like these lovely flowers. ;)

Marste said...

Oh, I'm LOVING those double-petunias. I wonder if they'd grow in a patio container on my terrace? I know regular ones do . . . *sigh*

Amy Mullis said...

I always love to see pictures of your garden. I'm not kidding when I say I can kill anything with roots--and I can't even blame it on the Carolina red clay. Even things in peat moss and potting soil hate me.

Levi said...

Lovely photos. Love the flowers and you can't beat the smell of stock. Sort of like in the olden days when we could smell tomatoes.

Reb said...

I must have a different variety of stocks, they are pure white and much bigger, but they smell divine - and they were free from the greenhouse, a bit root bound, but they came back.

solarity said...

Bi-color doubles: I love the double doubleness! Must have.

I have had no luck with evening scented stocks. I first smelled them when I was living in Raleigh NC, and tried to grow them, but they don't like me.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

solarity said...

Oh, and be careful with inventing scratch-n-sniff blogging! Think of those web sites that start playing music at volume as they load....

Mary Anne in Kentucky

[Word Verification is listening: "rosedn" which I think should be completed "rose DNA"]

Cheryl Kohan said...

Scented blogging cards...(brilliant idea, Hilary)...put me down for your first sale, Lady B.

Love the photos even if they aren't scented!

the Bag Lady said...

Carla - I truly wish I could share the smell of the stock - it's fabulous.

messymimi - That's a great idea!

dfLeah - they smell spicy - make me think of cinnamon, but they don't smell like cinnamon, if that makes any sense.

Hilary - you're brilliant! Now, how do we go about marketing this?

Marste - I'm sure they would grow in containers on your terrace - I grow them in containers on my deck!

Amy - thanks! I have the same problem with indoor plants - can't seem to remember to water them. Sigh.

POD - these smell slightly different than regular stock, but I love it, too.

Reb - those are regular stock, and I agree, they smell fabulous. These smell similar, but spicier.

Mary Anne in Kentucky - perhaps you should try again - it's worth it.
And you might have a point about the scratch'n'sniff.....

Thanks, Cheryl. Hilary always has great ideas!