Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Report

It's very common in this neck of the woods to wait until the long weekend in May to plant the garden. Victoria Day falls on May 18th this year, which is next Monday.

The Bag Lady and the Rancher are not common people, though, so they planted their garden this weekend! The Bag Lady just checked the forecast for this week, and she is happy to report that they are predicting moisture on Tuesday. Unhappily, that moisture is supposed to be in the form of snow..... sigh.

Along with planting the garden, the Bag Lady and the Rancher did a tour of the ranch and collected up all the old tires that they had scattered here and there, having used them for various things (weights to hold down the tarps over the haystacks, for one thing) and took them to the landfill. Whilst there, the Rancher threw a tire that was full of dirty water out of the truck. Unfortunately, it didn't land exactly how and where expected, and the water splashed out of the tire. The Bag Lady saw it coming, and managed to move far enough that it did NOT hit her full in the face, but did get her quite wet and dirty from the waist down. Lovely, stinking water that had been standing in that tire for a long time!

So the Bag Lady decided this morning that she had to wash clothes. Then she recalled that the last time she ran her washing machine, the floor felt wet, so she pulled it away from the wall to watch the hoses to see if they were leaking. All went well, until she pushed the machine back into place and discovered the floor was wet. The bottom of the tub turned out to be the culprit, which, according to the expert she consulted, probably means she needs a new washing machine.

And last, but not least, another calf made an appearance on the weekend! I promised kcinnova to name the next male calf after her, but this one is female. So, unless kcinnova wants to wait until we have a male, we'll name this one Casey!


Christine said...

Oh man, bummer on the washing machine :( That's really the only saving grace of renting - we're not responsible for replacing or fixing anything. Still... at least you don't have to beg/harass someone you've handed hundreds of euro over to every month to fix something small when it breaks - you just do it!

MizFit said...

Your sunday sounds as "special" as mine.
although (wink) the tired Ren Man threw wasnt literal...

here's hoping you and I and ALL OF US have a better day today!

xo xo,

Charlotte said...

What a weekend! Sorry about your washing machine! And getting hit with nasty water. But the new calf is adorable!!

Leah J. Utas said...

Blessed by dirty tire water, lucky you
Good for you for getting the garden done, df Bag Lady. I usually plant at least something on Mother's Day, but wasn't up to it this year. We've got icky weather on the way too this week. I will get to mine planted around new moon time probably.
Welcome new little cow!

the Bag Lady said...

Christine - yes, there is something to be said for renting.... except for the waiting for the landlord to repair things! Around here, I just do it myself.

Miz - I heard a rumour about your Sunday not being all that wonderful.... hope today IS better for all of us.

Charlotte - the water and the washer were upsetting, but the calf helped make up for it!

dfLeah - you always manage to put a positive twist on things - even being soaked with disgusting water.... :)

I'm actually quite happy to have the garden in - it went very fast with the Rancher helping me.

JavaChick said...

When we bought our house, the appliances came with it, which was great...Until we discovered that every time we used the washing machine we'd end up with a puddle on the floor. Same situation - checked the hoses, etc, but it ended up being tub part and we had to buy a new washing machine. The dryer that came with the house is still going strong though.

Wish I had got started on my garden this weekend, but no time!

Tom Rooney said...

Snow and washing machine problems sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday:) Sorry for your tire shower BL.

solarity said...

But what will you do without a lot of old tires? I ask, having just this week moved a large number of concrete blocks that I use to weigh things down or prop things up.


Mary Anne in Kentucky

Anonymous said...

How can I not love Casey? She's beautiful!

I hope something good comes from those tires... perhaps a bumper crop of potatoes and the washing machine of your dreams. [What? Don't you dream about a new front loading washing machine?]

the Bag Lady said...

JavaChick - I was so distressed to realize I needed a new machine. I quite liked this one!

Tom - it could have been worse - at least I saw it coming soon enough that I didn't get it full in the face! Who knew I could move that fast?! :)

Mary Anne - have no fear - we still have a shed full of old tires if we need them... sigh.

kcinnova - glad you like your namesake! A new front-loading washer is exactly what I have my eye on, and what my 'advisor' recommended!

Missicat said...

Cute little Casey! Hope he made up for your bad washing machine day...

Scrumpy said...

We've got washer/dryer problems here too. I thought I was going to be done with all of these "fun" chores once we got rid of our cars.

Hilary said...

I don't know about your adviser, but I often listen to mine. His name's Google. ;)

Sorry for the laundry woes, but darn, that calf is cute. Well done, KC! ;)

Vee said...

Hope you can replace the washer soon. I'm not ready to go back to doing clothes by hand, and you probably aren't either. Beautiful calf, BTW. And we planted our garden on Saturday (and it was vandalized between then and last night). I'll replant next week, and hope we don't have any late snowstorms here in Colorado. Vee at

Emily said...

It's still SNOWING? OMG, when does it ever stop?!? Seriously, I can not believe it's 85F with heat index around 90F and you're still getting snowed on *shakeing head* I learn new things every day : )

Reb said...

If it hadn't already come up, I would have recommended a new front loader too! I loved mine. Too bad about the water, but what a pretty calf and a great photo.

Clare2e said...

Casey is a charmer! Sorry about the washer...

Aleta said...

Awww, what a cutie, love the picture.

But ewwww, sorry about the water from the tire, yuck! And shhhhhhh, don't mention washing machine. My appliances have ears. We just had issues with the dish washer recently.

Ok, snow? Really? SEND ME SOME, please!

Levi said...

I love me a baby calf!

the Bag Lady said...

Missicat - he did help take my mind off the washing machine, he did!

SB - Oh no - hope you get things sorted out soon!

Hilary - my advisor is someone who was an appliance repairman for many, many years! And he knows his stuff!

Vee - the Rancher offered to set up the washboard and tub for me out on the deck.... :)
Sorry to hear your garden was vandalized! Crap.

Emily - I'm hoping they are wrong, but it's not unheard of to have snow in May in this area. As long as it doesn't get too cold, it'll be good moisture for the garden!

Thanks, Reb. I'm hoping to get a front-loading machine, but gosh, they are not cheap!

Clare - thanks! Shall I name the next one after you? :)

Aleta - I promise that if we get snow, I'll tell it to visit you! :)

POD - do you want one named after you, too? :)

Redbush said...

What a cute guy, pink ears and all! I'm sorry to hear about the washing machine! The noise ours is making makes me cringe everytime it goes to the different spinning cycles! We're probably going to be facing the same thing one of these days. Good luck with that!