Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bills and Fleas in Cattle Hair

and Ice Cream Castles in the air...

(Good thing the Bag Lady didn't write that song, eh?)

The Bag Lady had a very busy day yesterday. Between yet another round of phone calls with her ex-satellite provider over the erroneous bill (which almost made her miss the inauguration), and the delousing of calves (which went very well, and very quickly) and going with the Rancher out to his jobsite (yes, even on his day off!), the day flew by.

She is hopeful that things are now straightened out with the satellite company, but only time will tell. She never did hear back from the supervisor, as promised, but did get a call from the Collections Department! She almost went ballistic, but called the billing department yet again, spoke to another supervisor, who, after almost 45 minutes on the phone, succeeded in cutting the Bag Lady off! Rather than call back immediately, the Bag Lady sat down and watched President Obama's speech. She found it very inspiring.

She then called the satellite provider back, spoke to yet another supervisor (the third one) and thinks everything is finally straightened out. She hopes.

She and the Rancher herded the calves into the barn where the delousing took place in record time. The product that they used is a liquid that is poured along the animals' spine. All of the calves should be parasite-free, and the Bag Lady and the Rancher, too! Actually, the Bag Lady managed not to get near as much on herself as she has in past years, so now she's wondering about that itch in the middle of her back..... nah, can't be!

When they finished the chores, they had to go out to the Rancher's jobsite and fuel the machines and do a few little maintenance-type chores. The Bag Lady took her camera and (if her computer will allow it) will put together a video for you, if you are interested. Let her know in the comment section if you want to see a little bit of what happens in the logging sector.


Rupal said...

ooo oo oo, I wanna see! Please do share Bag Lady!

Anonymous said...

yesyesyes on the logging sector BL.
and no no no on the delousing but should we run into that little trouble when TT is in preschool I am SO flying you down here :)

Penny said...

More logs on the blog!

TA x

JavaChick said...

Well now. After all that mess with your ex-satellite provider, no wonder you got all upset about my defective sheets and incompetent sales clerk...Hope it's all straightened out now.

the Bag Lady said...

Rupal - I will try, I really will. Still having a few problems with downloading pictures from my camera, but hope to have that resolved today!

Miz - ooh, yes, I WANT to be known as the delousing expert.... but wait, the instructions on the bottle say "do not use on humans". Dang. Still willing to fly me down there?

TA - I'll do my best!

Javachick - sorry for the mini-rant, but really, there's no excuse for the way that clerk treated you! Sheesh. Want me to come down there and fix things for you? I've had some experience lately! :)

Missicat said...

Definitely want to see it!
Survived yesterday, hopefully will have pics this week to share of the craziness that was D.C. on inauguration day!

Emily said...

Most definitly...we want to see the video. Thanks for clearing up the liceing/lousing confusion. I learn much more useful information from your blog that I did in school.

Oh, and can you take the cold weather back now please?

Hilary said...

Ah your post title and subsequent first line cracked me up. And inspired me. Baggie, (and Joni Mitchell) please excuse me for taking liberties...

Moos and fleas and cattle hair
Delousing liquid everywhere
And if I spill some, I don't care
I've fixed my calves that way.

But now they only want to roam
They wander far away from home
They've left me standing with my comb
To pick their nits away.

I'll mend that fence from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
They'll manage to escape my wall
I really don't like cows.. at all.

the Bag Lady said...

Missicat - looking forward to seeing your pictures! I looked for you on the TV, but, gosh there were a lot of people there! :)

Emily - I'm glad you are learning things from my blog! And I think the cold weather will probably be gone soon - it's coming back here!

Hilary - that totally cracked me up! You have amazing talents, girl!

Anonymous said...

Please share, your videos/pictures make my coffee time happier.

At least you killed off some parasites. Too bad they weren't from the ex-satellite provider.

the Bag Lady said...

Tricia - that cracked me up! Thanks! Now I have visions of pouring delousing liquid on poor unsuspecting Bell employees.... will keep that one in the arsenal if all else fails!

Anonymous said...

Do you really have to ask about the video? Yes please!

Hope that satellite stuff is all worked out- how frustrating.

the Bag Lady said...

Sagan - I thought perhaps logging stuff might not be very interesting...
And I hope the satellite stuff is all worked out, too - not sure how much more of that bullshit I can put up with!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Since I think "blog" originated as a contraction of Web Log, it seems more than appropriate that you blog about logs!

And Hilary, OMG!!! You are too clever by far.

Missicat said...

Hilary - what talent! That is hysterical!

Anonymous said...

oooh...giant machines!
Yes please :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely would like to see video!! How fun!

Reb said...

Want video! Hilary you are too funny!

JavaChick said...

Feel free to come on over Bag Lady. Obviously I need some lessons in how to handle that kind of thing!

Anonymous said...

On with the video! If it's like the last one, I'm sure it will be awesome! Maybe you could send it to Bell, and let them publish it! I can't believe they sent the collections agency! That just reinforces what I thought about changing providers! Enjoy one more day of nice weather!

the Bag Lady said...

Crabby - I shall attempt the log blog... just as soon as I can get the computer to download the damned pictures!

Missicat - isn't Hilary a hoot!?

Geo - are you a secret big machine junky? :)

Reb - I'll do my best.

Javachick - you paying the airfare? :)

Redbush - hey you! If you do decide to change, remember to give Bell lots of notice.... and be prepared to argue. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Always interested: bring on the vlog!

Do you feel itchy now?

Oh my goodness, I just scanned through the other comments. HILARY!! You make me want to break out my guitar and start singing along!

the Bag Lady said...

Kcinnova - yes, I've been itchy ever since we deloused the calves. Especially after I put fresh bedding out for them today and got all the chaff from the straw all over me!

And I think we should nominate Hilary for best vlog song... I want to hear her sing it!