Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Babbling Bag Lady

The Bag Lady had a busy day yesterday. She and the Rancher moved their cows from one pasture to another, a mile away. This involved gathering them all into the corral, then loading them into the stock trailer to drive them to the other field.

If there wasn't a busy highway between the two fields, they would chance a cattle drive. As it is, though, it's easier to make a few trips with the stock trailer.

The Bag Lady now needs to turn her attention to getting ready for Thanksgiving. She is going to make dinner for some of the family, so needs to do some preparation for that. A little house cleaning is in order, and she needs to decide the menu. Turkey and stuffing, of course, and potatoes, carrots and turnips from the garden. Pumpkin pie and apple pie for dessert. Some cranberry sauce, and some kind of salad, with homemade buns to round out the meal.

Sheesh, now the Bag Lady has made herself hungry!


Missicat said...

Aw, just teach the critters to drive themselves. :-)
Thanksgiving? *checks calendar* oh, you mean Canadian Thanksgiving!Whew!

Penny said...

The ignorant Brit would like to know: when is Thanksgiving?

*checks the post for invite*

That sounds like an awesome spread! Do you get as excited as me about planning out big family meals? I always do Christmas dinner at my mum's, I look forward to it all year long! It gives me a great excuse to stay in the kitchen all morning with a bottle of bubbly too :0)

Hope you're not too rushed off your feet to post pictures of the finished article to make us all drool!

TA x

Leah J. Utas said...

Ooohh that sounds so good. Not sure what we're doing. It's just the two of us so I'm not sure about turkey. I'd love one, of course, but the leftovers last forever. We might get one and cut it in half. That works well.
Damn. I want it now!

the Bag Lady said...

Missicat - some days I wish the critters could drive themselves!

TA - Thanksgiving in Canada is this coming weekend (I am doing dinner on Saturday because of scheduling conflicts with other members of the family). (Thanksgiving in the US is next month) And yes, I get really excited about doing the big meals for lots of people - LOVE IT!
(did your invite get lost in the mail?)

dfLeah - I am really looking forward to a nice turkey dinner! Love turkey, but we are the same as you - if it's only the two of us, there's not much chance of me cooking a turkey. Which is why I invite the family - so I can have turkey (and some leftovers!)

Missicat said...

TA - Thanksgiving in the States is Thursday, Nov 27. Many folks (myself included!) also either take or already have off the Friday after Thanksgiving so it makes for a nice 4 day weekend! The Friday after Thanksgiving is known by retail folks as "black Friday" because that when many begin their Christmas shopping. I tend to stay away from the stores and malls on that day - it gets CRAZY!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! I may drag BK up see how Canada decorates for Thanksgiving. (We're going to Detroit this weekend).

Geosomin said...

Mmmm...I'm counting the days.
I love spending the day helping my Mum make a big spread of food.
Things will be a tad different this year as my sis-in-law is celiac now, so the stuffing won't be "in" the turkey and the pie will be celiac, but I think we've got enough practice with gluten free stuff to make it taste delish.
My mum even picked some low bush cranberries and has made her own sauce...Yum.
My brother has a 16 year old Japanese exchange student staying with them and she is coming up to the lake with all the family to experience the gluttony that is our family at thanksgiving.
I have an islamic wedding to go to saturday and then I'm heading up to join the family for the rest of the should be a good time.
Don't work too hard or eat too much :)
And remember-Jello *is* a food group. It cannot be forgotten :)

the Bag Lady said...

Missicat - thanks - I was too lazy to check to see when your Thanksgiving is this year.

Tricia - you really should pop up to Canada on your weekend! You'll be so close.

Geo - your celebration sounds terrific - and it also sounds like you have an action-packed weekend planned!

Anonymous said...

cant believe how long it has taken me to 'get' that it's canadian thankgiving.


Ima Moron.

Unknown said...

The Bag Lady has also made me hungry too!

I love holiday meals. Mmm, homemade goodness of turkey and pie and mashed potatoes... perhaps not quite in that order...

Why did the cows need to be moved?

Penny said...

Thanks Missicat and Bag Lady for enlightening me!

I had no idea that there was a different Thanksgiving for the Canucks. It makes more sense to have it in October to me, the US one seems so close to Christmas and I always think of the two occassions as being quite similar (ahem, in terms of food and family anyway, I tend to gloss over their original meanings!)

TA x

Anonymous said...

Just checking in! Hope your day is fantastic!

the Bag Lady said...

Miz - you can hardly be blamed for not remembering that the Canadian Thanksgiving is earlier than yours!

Sagan - I love big holiday meals, too! Turkey is one of my favourites.

We had to move the cows because we were running out of pasture here at home. We will leave them on the other field until the snow flies, then bring them home again.

TA - it has always made more sense to me, too, to have it a little earlier. More recovery-time between big turkey dinners!!!

Mark - thanks for stopping in!

Reb said...

We just go ahead a get a turkey breast. None of us really like the dark meat and to buy a whole turkey, well, we would have the left overs at Christmas and still enough for Easter.

the Bag Lady said...

That sounds wise - why waste the money if no-one will eat it?

Shammickite said...

Sounds so yummy!
I usually cook a big turkey dinner, but this year I'm invited to my DIL's mother's house... all I have to do is bring wine and bake bread!

the Bag Lady said...

Shammickite - well that sounds like a pretty fair deal! Of course, I like having the left-overs.... turkey sandwiches! Yum.

Amy Mullis said...

I don't think I'd be much help with the cattle. I can't keep up with a couple of dogs and a cat or two. But I'd love to help take care of that Thanksgiving dinner. Sounds scrumptious!

the Bag Lady said...

C'mon up, Amy - there will be plenty!

Anonymous said...

what time is dinner?
and please to kn ow we shall then reciprocate the invite for OUR thanksgiving...only be prepared it is BBQ this year.

the Bag Lady said...

BBQ works, too!

Sarah said...

I had an early Thanksgiving dinner last weekend (since we'll be on vacation on real thanksgiving) - I cooked my very first turkey! And it turned out! Hope you have a great time at your dinner - sounds delicious!

the Bag Lady said...

Sarah - good for you!
Enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

My mother's allergies led to us eating a lot of turkey all year round. Dressing and gravy, though, those were for Thanksgiving and Christmas. (I still remember the Christmas when, thanks to my mother's and my allergies and two other relatives on medical diets, we had four kinds of dressing and three kinds of pie.)

The thing about goats (which I don't expect to have for some years yet) is that you don't need a stock trailer. You just put them in the back of a pickup.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

the Bag Lady said...

Mary Anne - for those of us without allergies, 4 kinds of dressing and 3 kinds of pie would make us think we'd died and gone to heaven!

And the other thing about goats is that you don't even need a pick-up - they'll fit in the back seat of a car, too...... hehehehehe!

Anonymous said...

Not if you have more than maybe two.

Mary Anne in Kentucky, goatless

the Bag Lady said...

Goatless - who needs more than two goats, anyway?! hehehehehe