Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Caption Vote

Here are the responses to the Bag Lady's little contest. Please choose the one you like the best, and vote for it in the comment section. The Bag Lady will leave the comment moderation on again for today, and will let you know later which caption earned the most votes!

1. Just Another Float in the "Hay Pride Parade".

2. Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons go Country with "Chair hay, chair hay baby. Chair hay, Won't You Come Out Tonight."

3. "The Bag Lady was to accompany the Cowboy on his ride into town. Evidently, she baled."

4. A local hay farmer was arrested for driving this over-sized load of hay, but he'll soon be out on bale.

5. I know the guy who invented the round hay-baling machine. He made a bundle.

6. Wide Load?

7. Is that a Lawn Chair?

8. What the Hay? I knew I shouldn't have left my lawnchair there.

9. Looks like someone left the lawn waaaay too long.

10. "Here we are at the first-annual Hay Hauling Competition. Oh, my, it looks like someone got caught up in the excitement..."

11. You can imagine I baled out of that chair pretty quick!

12. The Bag Lady knew that no matter how he approached it, the driver was never going to be able to fit those big hay buns onto that little metal chair!

13. (late entry) "Told Pa not to sit up there...."

Please leave your vote in the comment section some time today, and the Bag Lady will announce tomorrow which caption everyone thought was the most appropriate. Thank you all for playing along with the silliness!

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the Bag Lady said...

The Bag Lady just wants you all to know that she has turned on the comment moderation so you can vote in secrecy... she hates it, too!
Things will be back to normal in her next post 'cause she loves all the comments left here by all the great folk who read her blog!!