Monday, July 13, 2009

Thunderous Birthday

It was another busy weekend on the ranch. The Bag Lady's mother-in-law held a surprise birthday party for the Rancher's sister, and the Bag Lady and her sisters-in-law all helped out. The weather was very co-operative - the huge thunderstorm held off until after the party!

It was a lovely hot day, and it seemed as though everyone had a good time.

The Bag Lady made spinach salad, and spinach dip, and carrot cake. She carved a watermelon into a swan, but forgot to take a picture of it!

Here's the cake, though:

The Bag Lady had a lot of trouble decorating the cake - it's been quite a long time since she actually wrote on a cake!

There was a ton of good food and they roasted hot dogs over an open fire.

The Bag Lady tried to take some pictures of the storm, but she had left her video camera in her truck and wasn't about to run through the torrential downpour to get it! It rained over a half an inch in less than a half an hour, and the thunder and lightning were incredible!

The Bag Lady took this picture before the storm broke:


Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Oh, wow. Those are some impressive storm clouds!

The birthday menu sounds terrific. Do you cater?

Miz said...

we arent worth risking life and limb and getting drenched for?

we the nameless faceless and avatar-filled masses are very hurt :)

Did you save us cake at least?

Ive brought the milk...

solarity said...

A watermelon swan would be even more impressive than those clouds!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Charlotte said...

Happy birthday to your sister! And that picture of the storm is breathtaking!!

Scrumpy said...

The cake is so cute, but man those clouds are amazing!

Leah J. Utas said...

The storm looks impressive. Good pic of it. Meanwhile, I really want some cake now.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Love the cake decoration, it looks so festive. Next time though, Watermelon Swan pictures! I can't imagine how you'd carve that... Watermelons don' have necks!

Fitarella said...

love the cake!! Sounds like a fun partaaaaay! wish I were there too ;)

the Bag Lady said...

BG - catering is something I've always wanted to do! And that was a heck of a storm last night! It eventually dumped an inch of rain on us.

Miz - I know, I know - hard to believe I wimped out like that, isn't it! It was raining so hard, it was a solid sheet of water, but too dark to actually get a picture.

Mary Anne in Kentucky - turns out, my M-I-L might still have the swan, so I might get a picture of it yet!

Charlotte - thanks! The storm was a good one - made me jump a few times.

Scrumpy - Mother Nature put on quite a show last night!

dfLeah - thanks! I let sis-in-law take the cake home. There was just enough left for her son's lunch!

Crabby - I might manage a picture of the swan yet.... hopefully.

Fitarella - how nice to see you! I wish you had been there, too - we would have had a blast!

Reb said...

Lovely cake, beautiful storm clouds.

Sagan said...

Nice cake! This weekend we carved a 31 lbs watermelon into a bowl for holding sangria.

...I think that your swan is a little more impressive. hehe.

the Bag Lady said...

Reb - thanks. It was quite a storm!

Sagan - what did you do with the watermelon flesh? I made watermelon punch out of what I scooped out of the swan - it was good!

Geosomin said...

Wow...I like the storm picture.
Too bad there is no swan photo - fruit art at it's finest I bet !

Hilary said...

Oh sorry.. wrong blog. I was looking for my friend, The Bag Lady.. not Martha Stewart. Geesh, Baggie.. is there anything you can't do? :)

Amy Mullis said...

You do awesome pictures! That one of the storm clouds would make an awesome desktop.

Redbush said...

Now that's a storm! A huge amount of rain in that amount of time! I'm glad your party worked out before all of that happened! Gorgeous cake, and too bad you didn't take a picture of the watermelon swan! I'm visualizing, but, can't imagine how much work that would take on a watermelon!

the Bag Lady said...

Geo - thanks. The watermelon did look kinda cute!

Hilary - I can't take pictures nearly as well as you can (and my pun skills really suck!)

Amy - thanks! It was an interesting sky, to say the least! A little on the scary side.

Redbush - glad to see you back in blogland! It was quite a storm, alright.

Lucas said...

Oh my lord that's gorgeous! (The storm front). And you have me really wanting to see that watermelon swan! Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

I can see that storm a-comin', so I'm glad it held off until after the festivities were complete.
Hot dogs are best over a campfire, aren't they?

the Bag Lady said...

Lucas - it was even more spectacular in person! :)

kcinnova - that's the only way to eat hot dogs!

Sagan said...

We just ate the watermelon chunks and left the rest of it simmering in the sangria. So then we were eating sangria-infused watermelon chunks while drinking it. Tasty. Watermelon punch would be such a good idea though!