Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Whee - a Wee Wednesday Contest!

The Bag Lady had to wait for the sun to come up this morning (which, sadly, is happening later and later all the time!) before she wrote her post. She had a fairly good idea of the sight that would greet her (considering it was already 0C at midnight last night) and wanted to be able to share it with you!

In case it's hard for you to tell from this rather uninspired photo, we suffered a "hard frost" this morning. When the Bag Lady crawled from her warm, cozy, cat-hair covered bed at 6:00 this morning, the thermometer was reading -5C (20F).

She is almost positive that it destroyed what remained in her garden, and she knows for sure that it ruined the flowerpots on her deck (which, in her haste last night, she forgot to cover.) She did cover most of her pepper plants, and thinks they will be okay - except for the one whose covering fell off.

She has a silly little contest for you now. She wants your best guess as to what this photo depicts:

(Go ahead - click on it to enlarge it, it might help!)

Didn't help? How about a different shot? Does this help?

If anyone guesses correctly, the Bag Lady will come up with a fabulous prize for you (some of her home-made salsa, perhaps? Hot pepper jelly? Or maybe some pluot jam to satisfy a sweet tooth....) If more than one person guesses correctly, she will have to do a random number generator thingy. {Ever heard of chicken-shit bingo? They sell numbers on a grid, which is laid out on a big piece of plywood, set a chicken upon it and wherever the chicken poops, there's your winning number! Chickens poop on average every 3.75 seconds, so it doesn't take long to play this game.... Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), the Bag Lady no longer has any chickens, so she'll have to do it the new-fangled way!}

So let's have your guesses in the comment section!


WWSuzi said...

I'm going to guess bats?? in a tree??

Leah J. Utas said...

Frost patterns. The first pic looks like it's on a window. That's my guess.
I like this contest. Great idea.

NV said...

Animal poo of some sort :)

Geosomin said...

It's a picture of a river...things reflected in a river?

We barely remembered our plants last night - a relief. They were still outside from when we painted this summer...there was a bit of frost this morning but not as much as you...our tropical tree and palm would not have survived.

Unknown said...


Oh. Right. I have to make guesses first:)

Looks like trees reflected in the water. Although in the second picture, I'm definitely seeing a sword there. Like Excalibur (yes, yes I do enjoy looking at clouds and finding random shapes from them).

Or something IN the water- looks like wood of some kind. And just now I saw an owl reflection.

I think I'm going to just quit while I'm ahead now... there's so many things to see!

PS Hope that your gardens and such didn't get too badly destroyed!

Christine said...

looks like leaves frozen in a puddle of what we used to call "black ice"

But I'm probably wrong. Let's hope I am, for your sake. Postage to Ireland ain't cheap!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Is a hard frost normal at your latitude this time of year? I keep hearing that this winter is supposed to be colder than usual and just this morning I read that the Canada Geese are already visiting Texas lakes--several weeks early. We're below normal for overnight temps here in Houston, although with over half a million people still without power, no one's complaining.

Gena said...

I think it looks like frozen over water.

Back home in Texas, we played cow-patty bingo! Same concept, bigger shit.

the Bag Lady said...

I'm trying really hard not to comment on your guesses for fear of giving away the answer!!

Spunkysuzi - thanks for dropping in and commenting! Always nice to see a new "face"!

dfLeah - thanks, I wanted to do something different today.

Crazylady - hehehehehe - that cracked me up!

Geo - I was running around at midnight last night, trying to find enough blankets, etc. to cover my poor peppers!

Sagan - I haven't had the courage yet to go out and actually check the damage in the garden.

Christine - if you win, I'll gladly pay the postage to Ireland...

BG - we can have a hard frost anytime after the first of Sept. (actually, we can have frost in July, too, and we did this year!)

Gena - cow patty bingo sounds like you would need a really big bingo card!! :)

JavaChick said...

To me, it looks like a skim of ice - on a puddle? pond? do you have a lazy little brook?

So far we have escaped the hard frost, but not sure how long that will last.

the Bag Lady said...

Javachick - I hope you don't get a hard frost for some time to come!

TB--Milwaukee said...

I hope that's not something funky in the Bag Lady's refrigerator, but that's my guess.

We're having beautiful weather in WI. 80's during the day and 40's-50's at night. Hoping the frost stays away for a while longer.

Hilary said...

It looks like:

• Animal tracks in the frost
• A wolf's face reflected in a window
• Like I'll need stronger contact lenses after all this squinting

the Bag Lady said...

TB - you totally cracked up the Bag Lady this morning! (As well as made her totally jealous of your temperatures!)

Hil - stronger contact lenses on order?

Reb said...

Great photos Sis. I am thinking... skim of ice on puddle with trees reflected in it.

Penny said...

Argh it's like one of those godforsaken magic eye pictures and it's giving me a headache! I keep seeing all sorts of eerie faces in it. Is it the Ghost Of Autumns Past?

And on the temperature - WOAH. I hereby promise not to complain about how cold my house is this evening!

TA x

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks, sis. I can't say more.

TA - your guess cracked me up! And go ahead and complain about how cold your house is.... I'll feign sympathy! :)

Scrumpy said...

Well, that looks like the mold I had growing on a piece of white cheddar I had in the fridge for too long to me.

Anonymous said...

either frost patterns or a some sort of medical specimen on a microscope slide.
I will freak out when the first snow falls here in Chicago. It's 80 degrees today but it could freeze over tomorrow...

new*me said...

I am guessing snow!

Anonymous said...

A somewhat-frozen puddle with trees?

I'm now really grateful to be in Philadelphia, where it's still relatively warm.

the Bag Lady said...

SB - gee, sounds like your fridge is a lot like mine!!

Weightinggame - 80 degrees sounds pretty nice, except it's probably quite humid there, too, right? Thanks for taking the time to comment!

new*me - oh, don't remind'll be here far too soon.

Tricia - glad to hear it's still warm where you are.

Anonymous said...


I need to never let my DELL REBEL as Im way late to the post.

and jealous.
we still sweating up in herre.