Thursday, September 11, 2008

Walk in the Woods

The Bag Lady has a couple photos to share with you. She took these yesterday when she took lunch to the Rancher, who was doing some work over at their summer pasture.

She and the Rancher took a little walk in the woods and saw that some of the leaves are starting to turn.

The Princess was in her glory, almost obscured by the brush, but trotting along beside her favourite human:

A little shaft of sunlight through the trees strikes the path, highlighting a rotting fallen tree:

She didn't see any snakes today, but she thought this twisted old willow looked interesting:

Peeking through an opening in the trees, you can see the sunlight on the swamp grass.

Into every life a little misfortune must fall, and the Bag Lady's truck had a flat tire.

Fortunately, the Rancher changed it for her.


Hilary said...

I see you had a some lovely views.. especially that last one. ;)

Penny said...

Autumn is a-coming! I can't wait to see what Bag Lady's got canned and ready to see us through the chilly months!

Lovely pictures Bag Lady, thankyou!

TA x

Anonymous said...

we all need a little bag lady in our lives (you brought him lunch? that's really kind).

we all need a little rancher in our lives (*sigh* I have to call a tow truck).


Gena said...

I can't wait for the leaves to start changing around here! It's my favorite time of year, mostly because it's my favorite color palette.

Missicat said...

Beautiful! Cannot wait for fall. Wish I had a helpful rancher I could call on.

Christine said...

mmm I can smell the woods

I need to go for a nice country walk.

I need to find the closest place to do that in the city! Dear God, I just missed Sligo a tiny little bit. Forget the Large Hadron Collider, this is what is going to bring about the end of the world...

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks for the walk in the woods, dfBag Lady. I especially loved the Princess and Rancher pic.
Well done.

the Bag Lady said...

Hilary - yes, I was most grateful about that last picture!

TA - Soon, I promise. Haven't enough ripe tomatoes yet, but shouldn't be too much longer.

Miz - I'm a full-service Bag Lady...oh, wait, did that come out wrong!? And it was one of those situations - if I hadn't taken him lunch, I probably wouldn't have had the flat tire in the first place! And ordinarily, he would have been away working and I would have had to do it myself.

Gena - I love the autumn colours, too, but they make me sad because it means winter is coming, and I hate the cold.

Missicat - well, gee, there are a few old single ranchers around here: some bald, some not; tobacco-spittin'; wearing their overalls and shit-stompers... want me to sign you up for one? :)

Christine - you're back! Must mean your computer is up and running.
I'll post lots of photos of the Canadian autumn for you (if the wind doesn't blow all the leaves off as soon as they turn) so you don't have to miss Sligo so much!

dfLeah - thanks. I rather liked that photo, too. The Princess is so devoted to the Rancher, it's priceless.

Unknown said...


My favourite part about the outdoors is forests. It doesn't get much better than a nice walk among trees! Especially when it becomes autumn.

Reb said...

Great Photos Sis! Lovely walk, although the leaves could wait a bit to turn.

the Bag Lady said...

Sagan - thanks! I too love to walk amongst the trees, especially in the autumn when the leaves are so pretty.

Reb - thanks! See you later.

Geosomin said...

I can't wait for the leaves to turn here. Fall is my favourite...:)

the Bag Lady said...

Geo - they've been turning here for a couple of weeks now, but more due to the dry summer we experienced rather than the approach of autumn. That said, we have had some frost since the beginning of Sept., so there are more and more visible signs of fall. ~~sigh~~

Anonymous said...

Here come fall! Very nice pictures! :)

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks, Mark.

new*me said...

loved the pics......reminds me of my childhood growing up in Colorado.

I am now even more anxious for Fall. I love to rake leaves...the first time is for the kids to jump in them and for me to get my fall kids in the leaves pic........and I just LOVE IT! Especially if someone in the neighbor hood has a chimney going. That to me is pure heaven.....I could live in that moment forever. I want to die in the Fall near a pile of leaves ;) Just not this fall!

the Bag Lady said...

new*me - I love the colours of autumn, but not the idea of it, if that makes any sense! It plunges me into depression, because I know it means that winter is coming. ~~sigh~~