Friday, January 22, 2010

Babble Post

Wow - where did the week go? (For that matter, where did the month go?)

The Bag Lady loves her schedule at work, but finds it tends to cut into her blogging time! She starts the week with good intentions to post something every day, but usually ends up slacking off a little. She spent a lot of time on the computer yesterday, doing some research for work and playing games on facebook designing some forms for the Rancher. She has a few projects in mind, but nothing concrete yet, so hasn't got anything much to share with you. She has mostly just been cleaning her house in case any drunken young women stop by wearing white gloves.

Last weekend, she cleaned her china cabinet and everything in it, even going so far as to move it away from the wall to clean the woofies out from behind it and wash the wall! This weekend, she is contemplating tackling cleaning her office, but isn't sure she has the intestinal fortitude for that! There is Just.So.Much.Paper! She may save that task for next weekend, and do something a little more mindless this weekend, like coming up with a plan for world domination. Or cleaning her closet. She is trying to get a jump on spring cleaning (or finishing up last year's spring cleaning, take your pick.)

She wants to give her house a little facelift and to that end has been spending numerous hours staring into space, daydreaming....err.... planning what she would like to do. She had to replace the light fixtures in her kitchen just before Christmas, so now thinks that perhaps the dining room fixture should match the new kitchen lights. The ceiling needs to be painted, the linoleum and carpet are showing their age, and there are some windows that need to be replaced. The Bag Lady will probably have to wait for warmer weather before she starts any of these projects, but she likes to prepare well in advance. (And save up some money!)

In the meantime, she will clean and organize and daydream.

Today would have been the Bag Lady's parents' 61st anniversary.

This was taken on their wedding day, in Moncton, NB


Anonymous said...

I love that photo! They look so happy.

Cleaning and organizing are exhausting -- and that's just the thinking & planning part of it!

Christine said...

I had a new year's resolution to keep on top of my housework.

So far I've completely ignored it. Oh well!

The picture of your parents is beautiful. I love your dad's hat at that jaunty angle. And you look a lot like your mom. Actually my aunt and her daughter (my cousin) look A LOT like your mom too. Does she have any Franco-Manitoban heritage?

MizFit said...

I adore that photo as well!!

Do you have it framed? I have my great grandparents wedding picture hanging in the house along side ours (our snazzy one where I was in running tights at the justice of the peace).

hows the sciatica?

Leah J. Utas said...

Great photo of your mom and dad. Happy Anniversary to them.
Daydreaming is a great start. Once it's done in your mind everything else follows.

JavaChick said...

That's a lovely picture of your parents!

And darn those facebook games. I hadn't been playing any at all, people kept sending me invites and I kept ignoring them because who has time? Then when I was off at Christmas I decided to play a few, only because my brother and a young cousin had sent invites. Now I'm addicted. And I still don't have time. Stupid facebook.


the Bag Lady said...

kcinnova - that's so true! The thinking part is the tiring part!

Christine - new year's resolutions are made to be broken, aren't they?
My mom's family has been in Canada (mostly the Maritimes) since the early 1700's, so there is a possibility that one of the early relatives moved west! We could be cousins! :)

Miz - I actually do have a framed photo from my parents wedding day, but it is a different one than the one I posted.
The sciatica is still giving me a little trouble, but is not as painful as it was.

Thanks, cousin! Daydreaming has always been what I do best!!

JavaChick - someone referred to facebook as crackbook or facecrack (I can't remember) -- it's true! I can waste an awful lot of time on those games, until my eyes are so tired I can't see! Sigh.

Marianne said...

What is a woofie and what do you mean that closet isn't cleaned yet?

the Bag Lady said...

Marianne - ummm.... you don't have woofies?? Those are dust bunnies on steroids.
And the closet scares me. Really!

Levi said...

That is a beautiful pic of your folks. Thank goodness they were born in the time of cameras.

Spring cleaning is b.s.
Cleaning is spelled incorrectly and should be spelled thusly
and with that, my word verification is metamucil.

the Bag Lady said...

POD - thanks, I like that picture, too.
I also like your idea of spring eating.... except that's what I do all winter! *ahem*

Reb said...

I'm not surprised you are scared of that closet! Are you going to keep the dark lino though - I really like it - or, oh, you could go with hardwood, that click lock stuff, you can get it where it look like slate. I'll shut up now :)

I think I will go and see if I can afford a yellow rose today.

the Bag Lady said...

Reb - we have been discussing hardwood. Preliminary discussions. The dark lino has to go.

Hope you can find a yellow rose.

Charlotte said...

Aw - your parents are so beautiful! I love vintage photos:)

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks, Charlotte! I do, too.

messymimi said...

What wonderful memories that vintage photo must evoke for you. They do indeed look happy, they made me happy for them.

As for spring cleaning, some housekeeping "experts" say don't bother with it. People used to do it because they heated their homes with wood burning stoves or coal, and it left a film or coatings of soot in the house. Spring cleaning was to get that stuff gone. So, if you don't have trouble with that, do fall housecleaning instead, after people have spent the summer tracking in dirt. That way the house is clean for the holidays, and you can put it off for a couple of months!

That, of course, should give you time to purge the papers, and come up with another excuse to put the housecleaning off. Like being in the middle of a remodel that has to be done before winter sets in.

Redbush said...

Great photo of your parents! I see the resemblance. You tire me out with your ambition! I'm afraid if I look in my china cabinet, I might find some cobwebs that weren't there before, and may have to do something about it! It then may lead to looking on top of my cupboards! That would be scary! I knew I'd find some excuse to not go there! Ha!

Sagan said...

Aww that is such a pretty picture!

Sometimes I feel super motivated to clean house. Other times, I wind up lolling on my bed with a book and a pile of nut butter, resolutely ignoring any school work or house work that I'm supposed to be doing.

Washing the wall behind the china cabinet? Now THAT is some serious cleaning!

the Bag Lady said...

Messymimi - well-l-l-l, we DO occasionally heat our home with wood, but haven't lately. (Don't have much firewood this year) And I used to do both - spring cleaning AND fall cleaning, but that has fallen by the wayside.... ahem.

Redbush - you're back!! Yippee! And you can't fool me - I know how clean your house is!

Sagan - lolling about on the bed eating and ignoring housework is an art form that must be practiced! I am at the grand master stage..... :)

solarity said...

All this cleaning talk scares me. Remember I have a Basement.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

the Bag Lady said...

Mary Anne in Kentucky - oops. That's one thing I don't have to worry about!

Cheryl Kohan said...

Gorgeous parents...I assume you are equally beautiful.

I'm not home, as you know, but can totally relate to daydreaming about what to do.

the Bag Lady said...

Cheryl - nah - I think I was adopted! (at least, that's what my brother always used to tell me!!) :)

Daydreaming is essential to good mental health, don't you think?

Missicat said...

Great pic! And such a snazzy hat...why don't men wear hats like that anymore???

the Bag Lady said...

They've been replaced by ball caps. Sigh. Nowhere near as snazzy!