Saturday, November 3, 2007

Time, Well, Wasted

Agent Double or Nuthin' should have turned down this particular assignment. She did not sell many bags (but her salsa and pizza sauce went like gang-busters, thank the powers-that-be!) She will chalk it up to a learning experience.

She did sell enough bags to cover the cost of her table, as well as put a little in her pocket, but the crowd was not buying. A lot of the vendors went home with almost as much as they took, so at least the Bag Lady wasn't alone.
The best thing was that some of the other vendors turned out to be people the Bag Lady knew years ago, so she got caught up on their lives. And even got a hug from one lady she hadn't seen for many years! And met a few other really nice people. And wishes many blessings on the nice lady who bought a bag, then came back half an hour later and bought another one!

Today is the first day of her two-day fast, and she is becoming light-headed and cranky, already!! She wishes the medical community could come up with a different diagnostic method, but doesn't want to risk having a cancer go undiagnosed, so she will put up and shut up. Sigh. She reminds herself that she may actually lose a pound, and this can only be a good thing. Of course, as soon as she wakes up after the Procedure, she will eat an enormous amount of food and gain back the 12 ounces she is going to lose...

Okay, she won't bore you any longer with her random babbling. Go out and enjoy the rest of the weekend, and have a nice, thick, juicy, medium rare steak for the Bag Lady! (with a big salad, yum!) And maybe some cheesecake...


Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Bag lady,

Sorry the crowd wasn't filled with high rollers but I am glad that you covered your cost.

And the prep you are doing--that's how I'm spending next weekend!!

I like it this way--you do it first!!!

I commented this at the last minute a few blogs back and am not sure if you saw it, so I cut and pasted it here:

"On his blog post of 10/31/ 07 at Travis Erwin has a link to his story the Simplest of Sounds which was recently published in Underground Voices. There is some elk hunting in it. Thought you might like to read it and see what it says to you."

As it turns out, Travis is going to Vegas for a week and will be off blog, so he left a detailed list to keep his readers busy with all sorts of links. I am so surprised (altho' I shouldn't be, he's a great guy!) that one of his "assignments" was to send his readers to womenofmystery and he also put up an Amazon link to Murder New York Style!!

Now the Underground Voices link which is the last line of his long new post is also a link to his elk story! In case you want to look at it.

And I finally got to the post office on Friday!

the Bag Lady said...

Hi, Terrie!
You'll be happy to know I didn't have to sell your bags - I'll email you a photo of them for your approval, probably tomorrow.
Have you done this prep. before?
It sucks. That's all I can say about it. Okay, I just deleted most of my comment - I think I'll save it for an email...
I will also check out Travis' story, probably tomorrow. I'm not feeling so great right now.

Leah J. Utas said...

You never know, all that catching up with folk might lead to something.
Sorry it didn't go as well as planned, but you did sell some.
Best of luck with your glorious procedure. Maybe you'll even keep that Troy pound off.

Reb said...

Well, at least you made the cost of the table back! You re-connected with people and it sounds like you didn't do any worse than the rest of the people there.
Try again at a Christmas sale, see what happens, you'll have more stock by then.
Good luck tomorrow.

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks, girls!
Don't eat blue jello if you ever have to have this procedure...

Hilary said...

Sorry the sale didn't go as well as you'd hoped but word will get around and you'll do better next time... and the time after that.. and so on.

Good luck with your medical procedure. I hope it's not too invasive and that you'll recover quickly and that the results put your worries to rest.

the Bag Lady said...

Terrie - I read Travis's story - it was pretty good! Thanks for pointing me in that direction.
Speaking of elk, we just now finished putting the gates on our new hay enclosure - yippee, it's done.
Now if I can just get through the rest of today and tomorrow morning without fainting from hunger...
Actually, it isn't too bad. Except I'm not really a big jello fan.
I'm trying grape today. Never blue again!!

the Bag Lady said...

Hilary!! You posted your comment at the same time as I was composing my brilliant little ditty...
The sale was a disappointment, but oh, well. At least it wasn't a total washout. And I wasn't alone in that quite a few other vendors commented they didn't sell as much as they had hoped.
Thanks for the good wishes - I've had this procedure a couple of times, but the prep. is the worst part. It doesn't seem to get any easier, either. I'm flippin' hungry, damn it! Can hardly wait for the jello to set...Might just have to go drink it. Think it would then set up in my tummy and make me feel full?! Oh, guess I'd have to swallow a bunch of ice cubes, too.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, a two day fast? That's a tough one! I'd just want to lie down and sleep for two days and hope for great dreams about ice cream sundaes.

And glad you at least hooked up with friends at the sale, which is, as they keep saying, more valuable than $$. (Though I have a few friends I'd probably be willing to trade for a whole bunch of $$$$, but don't tell them that!)

Hope you're up and about quickly after your procedure and soon eating steaks and cupcakes and champagne or whatever makes you feel spoiled!

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks, Crabby!
Jello, clear soup broth, water, tea, coffee, juice (no pulp) - I'm doing great....
It would really help to be able to sleep for the two days, but you also have to take all this cleansing stuff and spend the night in the bathroom. Oops, is that TMI? They are very specific about the times you take the pills and drink the purgative, which leads me to wonder...are they trying to make you as miserable as possible? No food, AND no sleep, either?
The procedure itself is the easiest part - they give you really good drugs so you don't actually remember much. And you can eat again right afterwards! That's the only thing that is keeping me going right now...trying to decide where I'm going to have the cowboy take me when we leave the hospital...will I want breakfast or lunch? Hmmm. Crap, now I have to go eat some jello.