Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mixed Bag Lady Day

I know it's not Friday, but this is truly a mixed bag of things that hit the Bag Lady's radar.

The Bag Lady was watching the news last night (practically the only television she pays attention to anymore!) and was astonished to see a story about an attack on a dental office in Edmonton. A man wielding a broken beer bottle rushed into the office and attacked the dentist. He then bit (yes, bit) the dental assistant, and ran out of the office. He has not been apprehended. The dentist is in the hospital; the assistant was treated and released. Let’s hope her rabies shots were up-to-date…
The Bag Lady is also rather glad she retired from dentistry if that's the way people are treating dental assistants nowadays!

There was another little article on the news a few nights ago about a rescued lobster. He wound up in a grocery store tank, doomed to end up on someone’s dinner plate. A fellow and his wife came along and noticed the size of this lobster. He weighed approximately 15 pounds, and they estimated his age at around 60 years. These kind people decided that a lobster who had been around that long deserved to stay around for awhile, so they paid something like $160.00 to the grocery store to rescue him and donate him to a marine museum.
Now this lobster will live out his life in luxury (well, okay, it ain’t the ocean, but at least it’s not a pot of boiling water!), and school children will learn a little bit about crustaceans. The Bag Lady was impressed with this random act of kindness.

The World Series starts tonight. Now, the Bag Lady is not a big sports fan, but she does enjoy watching the World Series. This year she will be rooting for the Colorado Rockies, partly because she lives in the West, but also partly because of one of their pitchers. Jeff Francis is Canadian. Yup, he’s an Aw-shucks Canuck. AND he’s left-handed. This is important to the Bag Lady because she, too, is a south-paw. The Bag Lady wonders if any of you are lefties? How does it affect your life? Do right-handed people sometimes make comments about how awkward you look?

Things are looking really bad (the Bag Lady almost said heating up, but that would be unkind) in California. Let's hope the federal aid that the president has promised does some good before too many more homes or any more lives are lost.

And a photo that has absolutely nothing to do with any of the topics! My homegrown peppers drying by the stove.


Leah J. Utas said...

dfBagLady- Not sure what to say about the biting of the dental assistant other than the full moon is Friday.

I haven't purposely watched the World Series in years, since the strike I think. Was that 1994? I did catch a game a few years back, though, when I was visiting dad. Kind of enjoyed it.

As to the whole sinister vs.dexter issue, well, I do some things left-handed including opening jar lids.
Good mixed bag post.

Reb said...

Never could get into baseball - Boring...Yawn!

Your peppers are pretty

the Bag Lady said...

Obviously, the Bag Lady was scraping the bottom of the blog-barrel this morning, but she has a much better blog planned for tomorrow, she promises!

Hilary said...

It seems like like that guy was very confused about what he's supposed to be doing at the dentist. I guess he just didn't know the drill.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

df Bag Lady,

I love the Lobster story and hope that Crabby sees it so she can show it to Lobster.


the Bag Lady said...

Oh, Hilary, glad to see you back in great form!
Terrie - isn't that a great story? The fact that those people paid so much to save his life, etc. I, too hope Crabby sees it.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Always good to hear about Lobsters faring well! And actually, I saw this last night, chuckled, but then sped off without commenting.

And yes, it's great to see Hilary back in fine form!

Virginia Lee said...

Well, I'll never eat a lobster. Or a crab. Or crawfish. Or mussels. Or calimari. Or sushi.

Seafood allergies limit one so.


I'm pretty much ambidextrous. Well, sorta. I cannot use scissors with my left hand at all but I write with it. Or did before I got too used to keyboards. Now I can barely sign my name.




the Bag Lady said...

Ooh, the Bag Lady has been busy with Real Life and hasn't been responding to her comment section...sorry, but you know what they say...make hay while the sun shines. Okay, we've been fencing, but we have to do it before it snows!
Crabby, I kinda thought you'd enjoy that little lobster tale :)
Virginia Lee - nice to know there's another leftie out there, even if she is a little confused about who should win the World Serious. The Bag Lady is definitely NOT ambidextrous, she is totally and completely a southpaw. That said, she broke her left wrist many years ago, so learned to write with her right hand. It's not pretty, but it is legible.