Friday, March 4, 2011

Photo-Finish Friday - Winter

The Bag Lady wanted to show you a comparison between last year at this time and this year. Now that Blogger has finally allowed her to upload the pictures, she realizes they don't really appear all that different.... they both look wintery!

It's winter. That's probably why.

And there doesn't really appear to be an end in sight for quite a long time yet.


Leah J. Utas said...

Dear Dog, you have a lot of snow.
(Obvious Woman states the Obvious.)

Geosomin said...

I see you're buried with the white stuff too.
Good times.
Just keep saying it with me: "spring is coming" :)

Reb said...

Don't'ch know you are supposed to shovel the whole width of the stairs? God that a lot of snow!

Hilary said...

Oh Baggie.. that's just too much!

solarity said...

Snow, yes, that's a lot of snow. Spring is going to need some major boots to get there.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

[WV: prootski. Is this a dance? a drink? a pasta dish?]

Dawn said...

Gosh!! That's a lot of snow. If I lived over there I don't think I would leave the house all winter.

David Barber said...

BL, it's a beautiful time of the year though. Great photos.

Redbush said...

I'm with you, Bag Lady! I have a lot of shots of the white stuff, too! Bring on spring, but, without so much of the white stuff! We're wearing out the shovels!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I should be jealous or if I should cry with you...
I'm conflicted.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I yiyi, that is tooooo much snow. Mother Nature needs to give you a break.

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks everyone, for your comments.
Leah - yes, we do have a lot of snow. Sigh.
Geo - spring is coming, spring is coming..... :)

Reb - I did, eventually, clear the whole width of the stairs. Really.

Hilary - yes. We really need the moisture, but I'd rather have it in the form of a warm rain in May. Or June. July would be good, too.

Mary Anne in Kentucky - I sincerely hope spring is pulling her boots on as I type!
(prootski is probably a Slavic drink made with snow....)

Dawn - there are lots of wintery days when I really, really don't want to leave the house!

David - that's true - it can be beautiful. Thanks for the reminder!

Redbush - I am definitely ready for spring. Anytime now!

kcinnova - if you want, I can send some your way!

Joanna - yes, I think we've had enough, too. Put in a word for us with Mother Nature, would you?

Cheryl Kohan said...

Oooh, you've got it baaaad! I know exactly how you feel. I'm really, really, really tired of winter. Really, really, really.