Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Pursuits

The Bag Lady has been playing around with her blog template. She keeps changing her mind about what she wants to use for the background picture (there are so many to choose from!) She tried a winter picture, but it made her want to put a sweater on. Then she tried one with barbed wire, but it made her want to put a bandage on..... ouch! And the picture with rain drops made her want to wipe the screen.

She didn't think a picture of jelly beans really represented her life, and neither did a picture of the Eiffel Tower. She finally settled on barn boards. At least, that's what they look like to her! She couldn't figure out how to change bear to part with the blog header picture, though.

Don't be surprised if she changes it again some day. But don't hold your breath waiting for it to change - she will probably forget all about it. That age-related attention deficit disorder thing again.

In case you were wondering, it's still darned cold at her house, so she's been spending an awful lot of time indoors, playing games on facebook indulging in intellectual pursuits, and cleaning out closets. She and the Rancher spent a portion of the weekend cutting and stacking firewood. The cats have shown their appreciation for all that hard work by sprawling as close to the woodstove as they can get.

If you've suffered through this incredibly boring blog post and made it this far, reward yourself by slipping over to visit the Bag Lady's cousin, Leah, at the Goat's Lunch Pail, and wish her a happy birthday!


Leah J. Utas said...

Aww, thanks for the birthday plug, Cousin.
Meanwhile, you cats are right.
Have fun playing with your blog. I change my header pic frequently.

the Bag Lady said...

You're welcome, Leah. Hope you have a great day.
I might have to have Reb come up with another header photo (and give me the step-by-step for changing it. Sigh.)

JavaChick said...

It was cold in Saint John this weekend two, and we actually got a little bit of snow. Brr. The cats spent a lot of time hanging out in the basement with the wood stove. Fortunately at this point the wood stove keeps the house comfortable - the read cold weather hasn't started yet.

messymimi said...

Glad you kept the picture.

I'm with the cats, getting to be time to snuggle by the fire.

Reb said...

I like the barn board and I;ll see if I can come up with a new photo for you ;)

I don't blame the cats at all, I just wish I had a fireplace.

Judy said...

Just leave the template alone. I don't like mine but what if I hit the wrong button and everything goes away or it turns pink? I hate pink. It's warm today in Ohio and I don't like it. If it's going to be cold, just stay that way. Now I feel lethargic and don't know what to wear. Winter clothes hide the fat.

Anonymous said...

Barnboards are nice. And I've always wanted to be a housecat (I'm currently in training).
Off to wish your cousin a happy birthday!

Hilary said...

Oh I like the look.. and I have no doubt Reb will come up with something new and equally wonderful for you. Off to see Leah, now.

solarity said...

I wore shorts to work this morning. This afternoon I brought wood in to wait for Friday when It's supposed to go back down below freezing. My body doesn't know what to think.

Mary Anne in Kentucky, where November is usually cold!

the Bag Lady said...

Java Chick - it's getting colder here - it's down to -30C now, and will probably be close to -40C by morning. sigh.

messymimi - sister Reb designed a new blog header for me! She's very talented that way.

Reb - thanks for the new header - I love it!

Judy - I didn't want to get too carried away and then never be able to find my way back, so I just played a little. Kinda like redecorating the house by rearranging the furniture - you can always put it back the way it was!

kcinnova - thanks - I like the barn boards, too. And I'm tempted to curl up with the cats tonight - it's darned cold!

Thanks, Hilary - and yes, Reb did come up with something new and special!

Mary Anne in Kentucky - shorts!? Good gravy, I almost had to wear long underwear today!

Hilary said...

Ha! That's terrific.. udderly wonderful. Reb was mootivated!

JavaChick said...

Okay, when I said it was getting cold here in Saint John, I clearly meant the weather was balmy. Way too early for -30. *Shiver*

Love that new header photo!

solarity said...

Love the calf! Such an intent look.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Geosomin said...

I love the baby cow :)

the Bag Lady said...

Hilary - it is cute, isn't it?

Java Chick - it's supposed to warm up here tomorrow, thank heavens.

Mary Anne in Kentucky - yes, he was definitely a serious drinker! :)

Geo - thanks!

Redbush said...

Love the header, BL! The little guy looks like he's loving it. It suits what you're ranch is all about. I'm with you on staying inside when the weather's cold, which seems to be all the time lately although it's been warmer the last few days.

MizFit said...

where have I been. I LOOOOVE THE NEW LOOK!!!

the Bag Lady said...

Redbush - it has been not bad for temperature lately, which makes me a little happier! I really don't like it when it's so cold you can't do anything.

Miz - thanks! It was time for a change.