Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Update

Where did the week go? Sheesh.
The Bag Lady was busy at work, planting flowers and doing some groundskeeping. The Parks department orders the flowers for all the facilities under their care, and they sent many, many flowers for the pots and tubs at the Bag Lady's workplace.
They sent purple and white petunias, two kinds of marigolds, blue salvia, white scopia, and drachaena spikes.
This is what the Bag Lady did with them:

She needs to do some work on the lawn, though - the teenagers from the high school have beaten a path across it and it doesn't look very good!

It was the Rancher's turn to cook last night, and this is what he presented for the meal:

Prime Rib steaks, baked potatoes and beans. An excellent meal. The steaks were perfectly cooked and tender enough to cut with a fork.

This was the Bag Lady's view while she enjoyed her steak.

The honeysuckle in full bloom. Isn't it pretty?
How was your week?


carla said...

Oh my gosh I want that meal.
mine presented dinner last night.
procured on his way home.



(wait, do you even have the 'fila?!)

Leah J. Utas said...

Pretty flowers.
Agree with Carla, I want that meal too. And to sit outside to enjoy it.
My week was good. Rained every day --and we need every drop--so I got plenty of writing done.

the Bag Lady said...

Carla - no, we don't have Chikfila, although I have heard of it. Was it good?

Thanks, cousin. Hope your weekend is sunny and warm. Ours is supposed to be really nice, so perhaps yours will be, too.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I'm so busy I only have a few minutes at the computer, but I wish I could sit there with you to enjoy that view and eat the Rancher's good cooking!

Last night for dinner I had a slice of pizza and handful of popcorn.
The night before I had several handfuls of popcorn.
You'd think I'd be losing weight, but I'm not. I'm working concessions for student concerts.

Levi said...

Did you avert your eyes away from the Rancher whilst eating? Probably so you could stomach his cooking!

Those kids should be replaced.
Can they send you extra plants for the baskets on your porch at home?

solarity said...

Lucky you to get to play with plants at work! And it's a good thing I'm eating supper myself as I read this, or my stomach would be protesting.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Gena said...

This week managed to fly by, but I didn't seem to get as much done as you! Every year I vow to plant some flowers in my 4 (!) empty pots, and every year I fail.

Hilary said...

Yum.. that looks and sound tasty. Somehow food always looks even nicer to me on a blue background.. whether table cloth or plates. That probably sounds strange, I know.. but I've always thought so.

Cheryl Kohan said...

Love all the did a great job with those flower pots! And there's only one word to describe that steak dinner...yummers!

I'm going nuts, here, with four grandchildren visiting. Nuff said.