Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

The Bag Lady is currently laid up, waging a battle against sciatica. So far, the sciatica seems to have the upper hand, but the Bag Lady is going to try to enlist some assistance today (somewhere, somehow, somebody must be working in a physiotherapy office, or chiropractic office..... right?)

In the meantime, she finds it impossible to sit at her computer for any length of time, but wanted to share some photos with you of what her neighbourhood looks like right now.

There is a lot of frost around:

Frost and snow:

The sun is just behind the hill, and the "rainbow" is part of a sun dog:

More frost and snow line the driveway (c'mon in, we'll have some hot chocolate!)

First though, the Princess wants you to throw her frisbee for her (but don't throw it in the deep snow or you'll have to go get it yourself, thankyouverymuch!)

Yes, out here where the snow is packed down is much easier for her!

Happy New Year, everyone!


Leah J. Utas said...

Excellent photos. I love that frost pic. It looks like some bizarre underwater life form.
And the cloud formation in the sun dog pic looks like a UFO or a sun hat.
I sure hope you get your sciatica taken care of.
Happy New Year.

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks, cousin!
There were so many photos begging to be taken the other day, but if I had stopped to take them all, I wouldn't have gotten home until after dark!

Happy New Year to you, too!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Happy New Year to you, too! I hope you get to feeling better soon.

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks, BG! Hope the New Year brings you many good things!

Reb said...

Love that first frost photo! Hope you get your sciatica looked after. Happy New Year Sis!

messymimi said...

I pray that you get some pain relief quickly!

The photos are a like lovely New Year gift, and I thank you for posting them.

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks, sis! Happy New Year to you, too!

Messymimi - thanks, I hope this doesn't last too long, too, because I'm not sure how much constant pain I can stand! Hope the year ahead is wonderful for you and yours!

Hilary said...

Oh Baggie.. no fun that you're hurting. I hope you find relief soon and that you can enjoy the New Year's arrival pain free. Happy 2010!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Love the photos, but so sorry to hear about the sciatica!

Lets hope it's a very short bout and a quick recovery.

the Bag Lady said...

Hilary - since things like Advil and Aleve aren't helping, I might have to break out the liquid painkiller.... *snort* (get it? That one was just for you!)
Hope you have a most excellent new year!

Crabby - from your lips to God's ear! Thanks, and hope 2010 will be wonderful for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're in pain. I do recommend the liquid pain killer option when the Advil/Aleve/whatever else doesn't work.

You caught me off guard with the in-town photograph. I saw a fire hydrant and thought, huh?? Then I realized it wasn't taken at your ranch. (I'm quick-thinking that way)

Here's hoping that tomorrow morning you wake up without pain (don't take too much of the liquid stuff)!

solarity said...

I understand that sciatica doesn't give up easily. Keep up the good fight!

The frost and snow pictures are beautiful, and I'm so glad I'm sitting here with my feet inches from the stove. I'm with the Princess in rejecting deep snow.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Miz said...

chatted with my friend and she recommended drinking :) and acupuncture (?!)
Im awake NOW and wasnt up to see midnight---precisely how I greeted 2009 as well...

the Bag Lady said...

kcinnova - the liquid painkiller sort of worked for a little while, but has worn off this morning, leaving me with nothing but a pain... in my butt. Sigh.

Mary Anne in Kentucky - the Princess totally cracks me up that way! She will be SO excited that you are throwing the frisbee, but if it goes off course and lands out in the deep snow, she looks at you with reproach, almost as if to say "You threw it - YOU go get it!"

Miz - thanks! I tried the drinking, but now that it's worn off, I'll try the acupuncture! Of course, I'll have to wait 'til Monday to even make an appointment.... sigh.

Gail said...

The Title drew me in, the pictures have me hooked.

Great photos!

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks, Gail. Nice of you to stop by!

Charlotte said...

So sorry to hear about the sciatica!! But it certainly hasn't hampered your photo taking abilities:) That frost picture could be wall art it's so beautiful!!

the Bag Lady said...

Aw, thanks, Charlotte! there are just so many opportunities for great pictures around here!

Cheryl Kohan said...

Well, that's what I get for traveling...missed a bunch of your posts and now I'm playing catch-up. I am so sorry you're suffering from the sciatica. That's a bummer. But the photos are just beautiful!! Wow! Good job!