Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It is still cold out, but gradually warming..... only -37C this morning! Yippee.

The Bag Lady has the day off, and the weather is supposed to be warmer still tomorrow, which means her truck might start! She had to have the Rancher drive her to work yesterday because her truck absolutely refused ("I'm not going anywhere - are you crazy?"). He replaced the battery in her truck yesterday, which should help.

She forgot to take her camera with her yesterday, which is rather a shame, because there is a great deal of beauty to be seen even when it is that cold (if, of course, you can see through the ice fog). The sunrise was incredible, but you'll just have to take her word for it. Those of you who have never experienced the kind of sub-zero temperatures she's talking about will be shaking your heads and wondering "ice-fog?" That is the fog that is created by the warmer, moist air being emitted by exhaust (from furnaces and vehicles, etc.) The air above is crystal-clear, and the sky is an incredible shade of blue, whilst the ice-fog makes it nearly impossible to see anything at ground level.

She may get another opportunity to photograph some ice-fog for you because she and the Rancher have to go back to town today for errands and appointments.

Ten days until Christmas.
Uh oh.


Leah J. Utas said...

Happy Birthday.

I love ice fog, as long as I'm indoors. It underscores the cold temps for me like nothing else.
For as much as I'd like the photos, I hate to think of the circumstances making them possible.
Have a great day.

Mason Canyon said...

Hear it's your birthday. Happy Birthday and have a wonderful time.

Geosomin said...

We get fog rising off the river when it's this cold - it's beautiful! Best viewed from indoors with a cup of cocoa :)

PS...if the rumours are true, Happy birthday :)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...


Now I'm going to crawl back in my hole of denial and panic about everything that is supposed to be accomplished already.

The Merry said...

The Bag Lady's Birthday? Woo hoo! Break out the cake, uncork the champagne, and let's party!

But... indoors. I think you need an electrically heated slanket for your birthday this year.

Hilary said...

Oh it's a Baggie Birtday! Yay.. Happy birthday, my friend. Wishing you all the best and so much more. :)

Reb said...

Happy Birthday Sis ;)

Sucks when the vehicles won't start in the cold, but you are right ice fog is beautiful. Stay warm today and enjoy your birthday.

Crabby McSlacker said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Levi said...

I didn't know it was your birthday.

And isn't it interesting how much more beauty we notice when are cameras are no where to be found?

Almost like a birthday present, that beauty.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Since I don't have any champagne sitting around, I will break out the reduced sugar ice cream in your honor!

(How the mighty have fallen!!)

Hugs, Terrie

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks, cousin!

Mason - thanks so much for dropping by and for the birthday wishes!

Geo - the rumour is true. And I agree, those kinds of views are best seen from indoors with hot chocolate in hand!

kcinnova - thanks! And I, too am in denial....

Merry - a heated slanket would be fabulous! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Hilary - thanks so much!

Reb - thanks. It has been a great day.

Crabby - THANKS! :)

POD - thanks. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it being my birthday.

dfTerrie - thank you! Are we having that reduced-sugar ice cream with fruit? :)

solarity said...

I'm very grateful that you were born, and I think a heated slanket is a superb idea. (Maybe you should transform yourself into Slanket Lady?)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Dianne said...

came by from Reb's to say Happy Birthday!!

Amy Mullis said...

I've never heard of ice fog before. But I do know what 10 days until Christmas means. You're right. It means uh oh.

Is it really your birthday? Have a happy!

the Bag Lady said...

Mary Anne in Kentucky - aw, thanks! A heated slanket is sounding quite appealing, actually!

Dianne - thanks so much for stopping by!

Amy - yes, it really is my birthday. Even though I was trying to ignore it....

Clare2e said...

Now, it's 12:22am and I've missed it!

I'm late, I'm late, for such an important date!

Hoppy B-day!

the Bag Lady said...

Clare - it's okay, we're 2 hours behind you, so it's still my birthday here! Thanks!

MizFit said...

wheres the ice fog?? or, as I read it the first time, the ICE FROG.

I do love me some ice frogs...

carla said...

we need an all BL post.

all about the birthday.

what did you do? feel? snark? giggle? muse about?

messymimi said...

I got caught up in vacuuming water out of the house, among other chores, and didn't get a chance to come wish you a Happy Birthday yesterday.

I wish you many happy returns of the day, dear Bag Lady!

JavaChick said...

Happy birthday!

The temperature keeps going up and down here - though it hasn't been that cold yet. Apparently supposed to be -30 wind chill this afternoon though. After +3 yesterday. Crazy weather.

Currently at work, with a sweater on top of my sweater, freezing and wishing I had decided to work from home.

the Bag Lady said...

Miz - I'll look for ice frogs for you today.
And hopefully will have time to blog after I get home from work!

Messymimi - thanks! I know exactly what you mean about getting caught up in housework, but will have to come check out your blog after work to find out why you were vacuuming water.....

JavaChick - it is warming up here today and supposed to be -3 tomorrow. It snowed this morning, which means it is no longer -40!!

Conny said...

So your cousin and sister outed you that it was your Birthday (yesterday)... you know, it's never too late for us to send you a cake!!! Don't make us send that cake. Okay, so ice cream cake it will be!

Happy Belated Birthday, Bag Lady! And many more to come.

Cheers ~ Conny

Marste said...

Wait, I'm confused: does the fog actually turn to ice while it hangs in the air? 'Cause that would be AMAZING.


Sagan said...

I guess THAT'S a major reason why we live in this ridiculous country, isn't it? Even when it's #$(& freezing, there's no denying its beauty!

the Bag Lady said...

Conny - your comment made me laugh! A couple years ago, I decided I needed an ice cream cake for my birthday..... the number of candles the Rancher had to put on it melted it!! Hehehehe

Marste - not exactly, but close. The moist air mixes with the cold air and freezes, making fog. It's not the same as the fog you experience from the ocean.... the same principle, but colder. Hard to explain.

Sagan - that's true - there is beauty in everything, even really, really cold things. :)