Monday, October 26, 2009

Crab-stuffed Mushrooms

The Bag Lady doesn't have much for you today. She had a busy weekend, full of sewing and housework and ranch work and entertaining!

She did make an experimental batch of stuffed mushrooms on Saturday that turned out surprisingly well, so she will share her recipe with you!

Crab-stuffed Mushrooms

16 large mushroom caps, stems removed
6 portions Laughing Cow Cheese
1/4 C butter
1 Tbsp horseradish
1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
onion salt to taste
garlic powder to taste
1 can crab meat

Soften the cheese and butter in the microwave for approximately 30 seconds. Beat together, then add the remaining ingredients, mixing well.

Spoon into mushroom caps, piling the filling on top. Bake at 350F for approx. 15 minutes, then broil for a couple of minutes to brown the tops.


Miz said...

laughing because how sad is it I look at that and think:

EASY!!! I COULD TOTALLY MAKE THAT. and split with Tornado. I like the innards and she likes the 'schrooms.

sign me:

No Mushroom Miz.

Hilary said...

That sounds delicious. My hips think so too. I think I'll hang onto this one though. ;)

messymimi said...

The filling could be stuffed into just about anything that would hold a filling -- green peppers, etc.

In this house, I would have to try it with crawfish, as my #2 Son is highly allergic to ocean shellfish.

JavaChick said...

Ha! I was thinking if I liked mushrooms, that would be pretty good and then I read MizFit's comment. Guess I need a little tornado of my own (don't think my cats would go for mushrooms).

Leah J. Utas said...

Oh, I so want that. Now. If I could eat cow dairy I'd live on Laughing Cow cheese. Those look so easy I'd have to work at it to screw it up.

Gena said...

Man, that sounds good. Next time I run by the fishmonger's, I'm picking up some crab.

Scrumpy said...


the Bag Lady said...

Miz - well, you could stuff it into something else that you do like... tomatoes?

Hilary - they actually are not all that bad - I'm thinking if I did it again, I'd cut down on the butter even more - the recipe that I adapted this from called for a half cup of butter!

Messymimi - I've never had crawfish, but I'm sure it would work!

Javachick - stuffing it into tomatoes or peppers, or even pea pods would work, too, I think.

dfLeah - I'm not sure if you could make this work with goat's cheese or something else - you'll have to experiment!

Gena - I hope you do try it! Let me know how it turns out.

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks, Scrumpy. Are you feeling better?

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I love mushrooms! For awhile, Central Market (similar to a Whole Foods) had stuffed portabellos at their deli, stuffed with spinach and feta. They were delish!

Generally speaking, I'm too lazy to stuff mushroom caps, but I sauteed some criminis this weekend and put them in some wild rice.

Geosomin said...

That sounds delicious and really easy too.

Reb said...

Well, that one is not for me, but it sounds okay.

the Bag Lady said...

BG - I love mushrooms, too! And was surprised that the Rancher enjoyed these so much - I will definitely make them again.

Geo - they were very easy, and tasty!

Oops, sorry, sis - I know you can't eat mushrooms!

Levi said...

That recipe serves one.

the Bag Lady said...

Or two, if you aren't very hungry....

Amy Mullis said...

Sounds nummy!

the Bag Lady said...

Amy - they turned out very nummy, indeed! :)

Sagan said...

YUMMY! Mushrooms are wonderful.