Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rudolph, Is That You?

The Bag Lady had a visitor yesterday. He ordinarily only comes around at night, but he is getting bolder, so she managed to get a few pictures of him today. The bird-feeder that he was busy raiding is right at the bottom of the steps going up to the Bag Lady's deck. He was cleaning it out when the Bag Lady caught sight of him:

He looked at her as if to say "Is that all there is?"

Then he slowly went on his way:

(Of course, the Princess realized there was an intruder in "her" yard about then and practically tore the door down, so the Bag Lady let her out and she chased the deer away. It's almost the only exercise she gets when it's this cold....!)

The Bag Lady spent part of the day in the kitchen, making pastry and shortbread. For the amount of time it took her, and the energy expended, it doesn't seem as though she produced very much. Of course, she still has quite a bit of pastry to make other things with....

Here is another photo of the fruits of her labours:

Butter tarts and shortbread....who could ask for anything more?!

And finally, from the Bag Lady's place to yours:

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Dawn said...

What a great photo of the stag. I shan't show it to my hubby - he, you know, I'll say it quietly, shoots them.

And I read in one of your lower down posts - minus 40! I just can't get my head around that sort of temperature. I did spend a few winters in Scotland and it was cold, but I don't think it got to anything like that.

Wrap up warm, Baggie dear.

Penny said...

Aw Mooey Christmas to you Bag Lady! Hope everything goes well tomorrow.

The deer is SO beautiful! Almost makes me want to swear off venison...

TA x

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

The deer around here prefer our garden. It's the squirrels that get into the bird feeder. Literally!
Dh has tried several things to keep them away. So far the score is Squirrel-2, People-0.

Anonymous said...


stay warm and have a happy happy!!

Hilary said...

Baggie, you must have been moootivated! Great photos of the critter, amooosing Santa Hoofs (as opposed to Santa Claws) shots and yummy-looking cookies.

I hope you and that Rancher have a great Christmas!

the Bag Lady said...

Dawn - I know, many people look at deer and think "venison - yum!" ... I look at them and think "Bambi"! Although they are a bit of a nuisance, getting into our feed stack and eating all my bird seed!
Oh, and our weather has warmed up - it was only -25 this morning. Brrr.

TA - Mooey Christmas to you, too! Drive safely and enjoy your gammon...

kcinnova - ah yes, we have squirrels in the feeder, too, and the deer do get into the garden occasionally. But the dog tries to keep all the critters (including the birds!) out of the yard.
Merry Christmas to you, too!

Miz - thanks! I was so happy that he showed up so close, and in the daylight,so I could get a good photo. Happy Hanukkah!

Hilary - thanks! Merry Christmas to you and yours, too!

Geosomin said...

That's' a pretty deer...and those shortbread cookies look yummy.
I've got a bit more baking to do, as we ate a bunch of the cookies that were supposed to be given to someone tonight. Had to test them for quality.

Mooey Christmas to you and the Man in Black too :)

Leah J. Utas said...

Love the cow.

The baking looks nummy. Made me crave butter tarts.
Moooeey Christmas to you too.

Melissa said...

Yay! More food porn!

I might get up and bake something myself today.

And hey, Monday I was standing in the freezing cold waiting for a bus, when a big truck came by with "The Bag Lady" on the side of it! And an 800 number. (I didn't get the number down, unfortunately, because I'd sure like to know what that was all about.)

Missicat said...

Meowy Christmas to you!!! Beautiful deer and yummy looking cookies!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Mooey, Mooey Christmas to you too! Love the Christmas card and Stag party.

And I hope Princess is going to go easy on Santa when he comes!

solarity said...

I'm having a very mooooving Christmas, thank you!

I do hope Stony will learn to keep the deer away from the garden.
Must bake now.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Unknown said...

Hehe so cute. It's surprising how bold those deer can sometimes be!

Merry Christmas!!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Looks like the deer is carbo-loading so he'll be ready to pull the sleigh tonight! Me, I'll carbo-load on those cookies, thanks. They look delish!

Reb said...

Good shots of the deer Sis!Mmmm, baking looks great and I love the Santa cows!

JavaChick said...

Awesome photos of "Rudolph"; how considerate of him to pose for you!

And I would love some of those butter tarts! ;)

Terrie Farley Moran said...

A joyful Christmas to all!


carla said...

hope you had a great holiday, BL!

Tink said...

What a beautiful deer! I'm tickled you were able to get a picture for us. That's one of the things I miss about living up North. The deer in Florida look like big dogs. *Snort*

the Bag Lady said...

Glad you like him, Tink! I only had to bribe him with sunflower seeds for a week....:)