Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo Finish Friday - What a Difference.....

.... a week makes!

Remember this (from last Friday?):

The Bag Lady took this picture yesterday:

The weather warmed up and it was very mild all week. (Of course, it is snowing gangbusters even as the Bag Lady types, so it looks very different outside yet again!)

She also took these pictures yesterday. A mini-glacier, slowly inching it's way off the roof of her woodshed!

Here's a closer view. Doesn't it look interesting? The Bag Lady is intrigued by the way it has sagged in the middle, like when the comforter slides off the end of the bed.
(What do you mean, that never happens in your house? She thought it happened to everyone!)

She wonders how long it will remain in this position, now that the weather has turned cold again!
She also wonders if she should post warning signs so some darned fool on a snowmobile doesn't try to climb the mountain, triggering an avalanche....


Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed to see the snow sliding off roofs in that fashion. How does it stick together?!?

Levi said...

Thank goodness for warmer weather! It's in the 70s here. (I know I'm going straight to hell).
(After I get back from Hawaii)

I have a temperpedic mattress and since I sleep on it alone (most nights if the dog is in her crate, that mattress sags like a hammock and the comforter is on the floor).

The Book Nut said...

That is a really cool picture! It always amazes me to see the things that snow does as it slowly creeps off a roof!

messymimi said...

Never trust people on snowmobiles not to try something. I know my #2 Son would.

Hilary said...

Oh that is cool.. in more ways than one.

Reb said...

Very cool Sis. Too bad it looks like it took the fascia board with it.

solarity said...

Your mini-glacier looks like a water fall.

My comforters don't slide off the bed because it has a foot to prevent that.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Dawn said...

Your continual snow does fascinate me but that snow-slide looks like it is going to do something nasty to the shed - like collapse it!

the Bag Lady said...

kcinnova - it is amazing, isnt it?

Janell - we are back in the deep freeze this weekend. Sigh.

Book Nut - I've never seen it do this - it usually breaks off before doing the bendy thing!

messymimi - oh, dear, I hope your son doesn't show up to attempt this! :)

Hilary - very cool. hehehehe

Reb - I'm trying to remember if we actually put a fascia board there... I don't think we did (it's just the woodshed, after all!)

Mary Anne in Kentucky - it probably will eventually turn into a waterfall.... if it ever warms up around here!!

Dawn - oh, I hope it doesn't! We would be forced to rebuild. Sigh.

Cheryl Kohan said...

Great shots! Didn't realize how bit that huge tractor thingy was until the snow melted.

We had a nice weekend, too. But it's going to get cold again...sheesh! I think you're sending it out way.