Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo Finish Friday - Solstice

This is the Bag Lady's favourite time of year. The days are long. Everything is growing.

She took this picture at 11:00 at night on the last day of spring.

She has been busy drinking beer and goofing off with many things recently and hasn't been paying as much attention to blogging as she should. But it's summer! She likes to be outside in the summer. It rained about 3 inches last week, which helped things grow. Especially the weeds. The Rancher ran the tiller between the rows of the garden to knock down a few weeds.... good thing, too, because it's supposed to rain some more!

Have a great weekend!

She blames Photo Finish Friday entirely on Leah over at the Goat's Lunch Pail.


Reb said...

You wouldn't think there would be that much difference between there and here for light, but it is close to an hour! Didn't help that it was pouring rain either ;)

Leah J. Utas said...

I accept full responsibility.

Great pic. I love the long evenings. I miss the midnight twilight as I'm even further south than Reb.

messymimi said...

Even at the height of summer, it's dark by 9pm here. Someday i want to travel again to where there is light almost 24 hours a day.

solarity said...

I just checked: at 9 PM, although the sun has just set, and the sky is cloudy besides, it's possible to read a newspaper outdoors with my 58 year old near-sighted eyes.
Hurrah for warmth and long days, and growth, especially tasty growth. (Must check on blackberries soon.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

the Bag Lady said...

Reb - I wasn't sure how much of a difference there was, but I knew there was some.

Leah - I love the long evenings, too. And the midnight twilight.

Messymimi - I hope you can travel again, too..... perhaps Alaska is on your wish list (and you could have a stopover at my house!)

Mary Anne in Kentucky - that's almost a two-hour difference. (Must look at map again for reminder where Kentucky is)
Mmmmm - blackberries!!

crabby mcslacker said...

Ah lovely.

It always seems weird to me that the longest days come so early in the summer. It seems wrong that the days are already going to be getting shorter now, though summer's just begun! I think we need to fix the solar system or something so we can have solstice in August. Just a thought.

the Bag Lady said...

Crabby - we could start a movement to have summer start earlier... after all, the days start earlier in the summer, so why shouldn't we be able to move summer??

Levi said...

If that is your yard, I am jealous dammit.

the Bag Lady said...

Janell - yes, that is a portion of my yard. Wanna see the rest?

Cheryl Kohan said...

That really is a great picture...I can't believe it was after 11 p.m. and it was still light!