Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Day is it? Thursday??

Where did the week go?

The Bag Lady has been very busy this week, what with the garden, the cows, appointments in town, the housework, the garden, working, ranching..... did she mention the garden? The weather has been chilly, and frost has been forecast several nights, so she has been covering things in her garden so they didn't freeze, only to have the temperatures stay just above freezing. Then everything needs to be uncovered again during the day, only to have it threaten to freeze again..... it's been a vicious circle. She hasn't dared NOT cover things, either, because the one night she didn't would absolutely be the one that it actually did freeze!

She has a large box of tomatoes ripening on her counter. She has canned some already, and is hoping that there will be enough ripe either today or tomorrow to make some of her salsa for canning.

What with working and appointments scheduled every day, it seems, she's scarcely had time to sit down at home (and she rarely sits down at work...). She had to take her little truck in to the shop for a recall appointment on the cruise control. She's glad she finally got around to it because now she won't be afraid to use the cruise! Apparently, there was a slight risk that it would burst into flames or something, so she hasn't been using the cruise control (rather than take the time to make the damned appointment, which she thought would take forever, but actually didn't, and she ran into an old friend when she was there, so they had a nice visit!).

She may not be posting much for the next couple of weeks because she is going to be really, really busy driving, looking at scenery, taking a gazillion pictures, eating out and enjoying all manner of different things with her nose hard to the grindstone of her first vacation in 15 years!
Ida-who? Idaho, that's who. (Anyone out there reading this from Idaho? Look out.... the Bag Lady is a-coming your way!) But before she can leave, she has to deal with more garden produce. There are still beans that need to be picked, and the brussels sprouts that she is so looking forward to, as well as more broccoli and a few zucchini. And that lovely cabbage. (Please, powers-that-be, don't let it have worms.....!!!)


Leah J. Utas said...

Yaycation! Glad you're getting away. I hope you have an amazing time. And I sure hope the garden work goes smoothly.

Geosomin said...

Ah a vacation :)
Have a wonderful time and relax!

Amy said...

Love vacations! Have fun!

I am very, very jealous of your tomatoes, though. I haven't had a single full-size tomato ripen yet, and if this *&$*#@ rain doesn't stop soon, I think I'll be canning a lot of green tomato jam.

Reb said...

Glad you're going to be taking a vacation! Sounds like the first day might be spent sleeping after all the work to prepare to go ;) Let someone else drive!

Conny said...

It's good to get in a vacation before winter sets in. Eating good food and taking lots of pictures sounds good to me. Enjoy Idaho, I'm sure you will. :>)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation - we will tip one for the birthday boy on Tuesday.

Abby cuz

Gail said...

A real vacation!!! Enjoy and share those pictures.

Gena said...

What is this thing called "frost"? I'm not sure I know the word...Also, I'm glad you're not going to burst into flame while driving.

messymimi said...

I wish you great good luck dealing with the garden produce, and Bon Voyage!

carla said...


you have earned it and then some.

solarity said...

It is well known that failing to cover plants will trigger a frost.

Is Idaho a maiden voyage for the new RV? Enjoy!

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks, cousin. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am!

Geo - thanks. I am looking forward to relaxing.

Thanks, Amy. Hmmmm, green tomato jam. Green tomato relish. A lot of my tomatoes are still green, which means they will ripen while I'm gone... not a good thing.

Reb - Thanks! I fully intend to let someone else drive, at least, to begin with!

Conny - thanks. Perhaps we'll enjoy it so much, we'll take another one in the middle of the winter! :)

Thanks, cuzzy! I'll be sure to tell him!

Gail - thanks. You, of all people, should understand how difficult it can be to get away!

Gena - you lucky girl, to not understand 'frost'! :) And I, too, am pleased about having the cruise control fixed!

messymimi - Thanks. And thanks for triggering a happy memory! Have you ever seen the show "Anything Goes"? I played Reno Sweeney once, and there is a song in the show called "Bon Voyage".....which is now stuck in my head!

Thanks, Carla! :)

Mary Anne in Kentucky - You are so right! I am happy to report that I covered everything last night and prevented yet another frost!
No, we are saving the RV for next year's vacation!

Charlotte said...

Have a great vacay!! I LOVE Idaho! I never lived there but have been camping/rafting/skiing/hiking there many many times. You'll have a blast!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Idaho!! Well, if you had only waited another year, I would be close by, but I'm still stuck out here on the east coast where it is hot and humid into September.
I do hope you have a wonderful vacation!

Hilary said...

Oh that's so cool. I'm so happy for you. So good to hear that you're getting a real holiday. Who/what's in Idaho? Idunno. ;)

Cheryl Kohan said...

Oh, good for you! Where in Idaho? I've been to Coeur d'Alene and it's really beautiful. We often drive through there on our way to Washington.

Fingers crossed that the cabbage is a beautiful inside as it is outside.